Video transcript: Opportunities for New Zealand businesses at Expo 2020

Simon Crispe: Am I excited about Expo 2020? Well, the short answer’s yes, really excited, but the longer answer is, expos have come and gone over many, many years - some of them have been successful; some of them have been less successful. I think the Emirates are going to make Expo 2020 something really special because they’re looking at it from a pretty different perspective in terms of the 21st Century - technology, really being something that is out-of-the-box, different from what’s happened before.

Clayton Kimpton: New Zealand doesn’t participate in every expo, so what the New Zealand Government does is take a look at all of the strategic reasons and trade reasons and relationship reasons, and so on this particular occasion, there were a range of things that drove the New Zealand Government to say, ‘yes, we must participate’.

Jeremy Clarke-Watson: When you add on the rest of the value that comes from our exports that come through Dubai and out into the wider region, it goes into the several billions of dollars. The number of tourists that are carried through Dubai onwards to New Zealand, is enormous and growing, so the connectivity piece is vital. It’s a global destination, and New Zealand wants to showcase who we are, what we are, and our place in the world in what is going to be a fantastic event that brings the world to one place in 2020.

Dave Evans: Expo 2020, I think we’re going to see huge opportunity to promote export education. We’re a new company in the UAE, so we’re looking for opportunities, and for us to be able to showcase what we can provide to the UAE is a huge opportunity.

Glenn Bull: This region for us as a trading partner would rank right up the top. I think the ambitions and aspirations of companies in this region to be the best in the world, allows us to push the barriers with our innovation, and take things to the world that haven’t been seen before, so it’s certainly a fantastic opportunity.

Rob Fordyce: There’s a lot of countries here that are really investing a lot of money in changing their economies away from oil, and to more tourism and other areas. I think for us, a lot of infrastructure work, and there’s a lot of investment for the future, so for us, it’s really big.

Clayton Kimpton: For those companies that aren’t already here, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise is looking at working with those companies to assess whether this is a market that is good for them.

Jeremy Clarke-Watson: For exporters, we want to see you register on the procurement portal for Expo, really important opportunity, get in there, join up, and see what the opportunities are, and surprise a few people. We want people to understand that New Zealand’s not all just about butter, cheese and meat products, that we’re doing some fantastic new things, innovative, disruptive, and really making our market on the world stage.