Transcript: New Zealand loves France - behind the scenes

Ariane Gonzalez, New Zealand Trade Commissioner, France: So this campaign was about bringing New Zealand and France closer and what we can do in reality we can do in virtual reality. So using technology from both agencies in France and New Zealand made this experience possible.

So our viewers, what they’re seeing, is when they turn their head on the left, they are in New Zealand, they can see the kiwi fruits growing, they can see the vineyards, they can see all the beautiful landscapes and products being manufactured in New Zealand. When they turn their head on the right, they’re in France, magic of technology. And in France, they can see people enjoying those products, using those products.

We put together an event that would please, you know, of course rugby fans, supporters and business people, showcasing the great innovation agility of New Zealand and the complementarity that those countries have.

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