Transcript: New Zealand Marine in the USA

Hamilton Jet is the worldwide leader in water jet propulsion systems and we’re not just about water jets, we’re also about vessel control. We have a wide range of electronic controls for a variety of applications throughout the world.

Vesper Marine has been in business actually ten years in October, our ten year anniversary. Founded on AS being a true safety solution, a stand alone safety device that should be on every boat for boating awareness and safety.

We’re a growing company out of New Zealand and we’ve been around for about twenty years. The product came to the US in about 2001 on a mega yatch to Fort Lauderdale and grew in popularity by just word of mouth and captains talking about how great the product was.

Sealegs is the world’s largest builder of amphibious boats. Currently we’ve been at it for over 13 years. We’ve got over 1200 boats in 50 countries worldwide. We design really cool work boats and sell the designs to builders around the world. We’re about water jets and we’re about the systems that control them. So that focus allows us a competitive advantage. We’re not distracted by any other ancillary businesses. All our boats are rigid hull inflatable boats and now we’re fitting foam fenders to about 50% of the boats that are sold around the world. We have a proven technology, we have proven products so it’s a trust name and it’s a trusted product throughout the world. We’re amphibious. There are not many amphibious boat builders so we don’t have a direct competitor per se. There is a few people knocking at the door but no one that really has the strength that we have in our product. People are very receptive to New Zealand products we’ve found. There’s sort of an unsaid quality that gets said, built in New Zealand, great, and people seem to smile at that so it’s a very nice way to kind of fight off a lot of the cutters that are making things and the Pan-Asia region that sort of gets a bad stigma in the US.

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