Transcript: NZ Central Shanghai

Transcript: NZ Central Shanghai


Well New Zealand Central is a huge advantage for us in China. We’ve had a few events here lately in New Zealand Central that have been very beneficial to the New Zealand firms and effectively what is a slice of New Zealand here in the middle of Central Shanghai.

It’s beautifully appointed and decorated and really gives a New Zealand feel to everything that we do and it's very important.

We’ve had very successful events where there is chefs, media and distributors; it's a great event space for that.

Hot desking facility is fabulous. My brand ambassador and I we work here on a weekly basis.

We are very fortunate to have New Zealand Central here in Shanghai as a showcase to our customers of what we can offer and it also such a home we can have here in Central Shanghai.

New Zealand Central is just a fabulous resource. I look after all the Asian markets for Villa Maria and I just wish there were more New Zealand Centrals.

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