Transcript: Pitch on a Peak Highlights- Company Focus

Quentin Quin: This event is about the introductory process; getting certain emerging company’s pitch ready, getting them ready to face what is quite a daunting task globally to raise capital.

Dr Carla Meledandri: We’re solving a series of dental problems by combing my Nano-silver research expertise with the research and the practical experience from the University of Otago’s Dental School which is ranked eighth in the world.

Dr Cather Simpson: We call ‘Milk on a disc’ and it will give farmers information that they need; detailed information to make the decisions that they make every single day.

Dr Jeremy Jones: It's reasons like these that mean the aptamers are poised to seriously disrupt the $40billion market that antibodies current enjoy.

Dr Grant Williams: No other commercial dosimeter has the actual features that we can provide.

Ben Dunn: We’re currently raising $175,000 in investment to match with $75,000 in grants to fund the next 18 months of market development.

Warren Bebb: Biolumic has developed a world first technology that makes light a controllable input for outdoor growing.

Jason Gleason: So we built our software to actually have self-healing data fees.

Simon Swallow: Early childhood education for every single child under the age of five in America; that’s a massive opportunity for Educa.

Brent Ogilvie: Engender has done a deal with one of the world’s largest artificial insemination companies. We’re very excited by that; it validates our technology.

Rebecca Twemlow: We also have a packed pipeline of international prospects that we know can use hail.

NZTE have been phenomenal at helping us prepare to be here tonight with video support, creation of our pitch deck and then pitch practicing with multiple people. I felt so prepared and very highly supported as well.

Warren Bebb: We’ve had people come up to us afterwards wanting to know more, talking about numbers they want to invest; it's been really good.

Simon Swallow: Preparing for the pitch in the peak event was a fantastic exercise. It was great to be supported by NZTE through the process, have them help develop our pitch presentation which was excellent and also for their feedback in the week leading up to the pitch was really invaluable and helped us refine the pitch down and get it within the five minutes; but make sure we also touched on all the really salient points in the pitch.

Marie-Claire Andrews: So we are the number one event in Australasia right now; considered in the top ten in the world.

Richard Snow: This product meets what the All Blacks need and that’s exactly what they’re using in the World Cup.

Wayne Forgeson: We know people are using and reaching out via social media and not using traditional channels.

Julian CarverMy menumate has 3,500 customers across 20 countries.

Jo Mills: Our software and initiatives create three times revenue per person for organisations that deliver to this.

We’ve had some very interesting conversations at the moment with some new investors from all over the world including China and Scotland and the US. We’re really grateful for the opportunity to interact with new people that we wouldn’t have otherwise have met and have to thank NZTE for providing us with it. So we’re incredibly grateful for the help we’ve had; it really made a difference to creating something that was quite unique, bespoke and professional.

Julian Carver: The things we learned about capital raising process as part of Pitch on a Peak was how to speak to particular and different investor audiences; including the Asian Angel Investor business audience which was a bit different to the audience here in New Zealand.

David Chen: So when we look at companies for investment we look at a couple of things; the market size, the business model, the scalability of that model, the competitive advantage, but most importantly it's about the people; the team, the founding team and what they did before and what they want to do going forward and this sort of opportunity.

Allan May: The advice I would give the companies down here is really the same advice that I give the companies in the United States, in Silicon Valley and almost everywhere else, explain to us in very clear terms how it is you’re going to make money and we’re going to make money; just hit that final piece and I think you’re going to have the puzzle put together.

Marcia DawoodA lot of people will say that we look for a great team and that is absolutely true. We need to see a founding team that’s solid, they have a great reputation and they can work well together. But there’s two big things that we’re really looking for and that is, is the product or service really a differentiator? Can you say that you are so unique to your competitors; there’s nobody else doing the things that you’re doing and that you can help your customers be the best that they can be. But the other thing too is have a complete path to where you’re going to go in order to exit. You don’t want to raise money and then have to raise money again, and raise money again, without having a clear path of how you’re going to do that. Everybody wants to see the exit, everybody wants to raise money, but if you don’t have those steps along the way it's not going to be successful.

Allan May: I have to say if this was the bar that got set for competitions everywhere it would benefit entrepreneurs and innovators as well as investors. 

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