Transcript A look at the UAE infrastructure sector

Kia ora New Zealand. Salaam Alaikum. Welcome to Dubai. Picture this; sixty years ago this was no more than a fishing village on the shores of a creek. Now it’s one of the major cities in the world with a most impressive skyline.

700 hotels, and 100,000 rooms are available in Dubai. But that’s not enough for the Expo 2020. 155 more hotels are yet to come before then, between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. There are many opportunities for New Zealand companies. Just behind me, the Dubai Arena, seating 20,000 people and that’s going to be completed in 2 years.

Many opportunities for New Zealand companies in the construction, consulting, and manufacturing and infrastructure. Let’s see how to get started.

Dubai’s rate of construction and infrastructure development is impressive. From constructing the world’s tallest building, to mega housing developments and transport link expansion, it’s a hub of activity.

So if you are a company based in New Zealand, how do you take advantage of this growth. It’s not as simple as sending a few emails or getting on a plane. You need to conquer Dubai’s infrastructure pyramid of influence. I’m going to show you how to use this pyramid to get in front of Dubai’s infrastructure decision-makers with a few key relationships. Agents, consultants and developers.

First you need to find a local agent. The NZTE team in Dubai can recommend a few options and guide you through this process. Your agent will be your voice in Dubai. They’ll get clued up on your product and be your on the ground advocate every step of the way. Put serious thought into choosing a good agent as without them climbing he pyramid becomes tricky. A good agent is well-connected to project contractors, but most importantly they can open doors to the next step on the pyramid of influence, Dubai’s consultants.

These are the people that pull together a portfolio of products from around the world and submit them to the developer for each individual project in Dubai. This is why your agent needs to be a good networker and well versed on what sets your product apart. Once you’ve got the support of a consultant your chance of being part of a Dubai infrastructure project increase dramatically as the consultant is the key to getting your product in front of a developer.

Remember, the consultant will be working on several projects so keep your agent in the loop at all times, after all they are your voice on the ground. So, keep Dubai’s infrastructure pyramid of influence in mind when looking at Dubai as an export market. It gives you the best opportunity of success.

Competition is fierce in Dubai, but here are my top three tips for you to succeed. One, visit the market quite often. It is good to be close to your customers and agents. Two, get a good agent and make sure you follow-up. If the agent is not performing, don’t waste time and just get a new one. Third=, relationships are very important here, so getting a good relationship With your customer will lead to a good project will lead to further projects. 

And lastly, we look forward to supporting you in Dubai. Cheers.