Transcript Must-know export essentials for the US commercial marine industry

The market opportunity for New Zealand marine companies really is huge. It’s a massive country of 300 million people, a huge amount of coastline, rivers and lakes. It’s very boating oriented. Work boats are well accepted here in the commercial sector and it’s just huge, you can’t really think of it just as one market, it’s a whole lot of markets that are all in one country.

The biggest thing that I try and instill in anyone especially coming from New Zealand into the US is, remember how big the US is. It’s a very, very big place and so when you want to do things you can’t step lightly, you need to come in with a presence, you need to have a wow. It’s a real close-knit community and a lot of stuff is just done face-to-face, just hand-to-hand, in the trenches, getting to know each other, networking and just getting out there and being seen. When you’ve got a product that is helping so many customers and companies, it’s easy for us to do I think because they want a build a relationship with you. So whatever product you might have out of New Zealand, find that niche, talk to customers, build a relationship and find out what their needs are so you know how to talk to them. The real opportunity, I think, is in components and technology. It’s no in completed boats as far as work boats are concerned because we have something here in the US called the Jones Act, which means that work boats have to be built in the US. That’s why we partner with US companies for building our boats.

In this industry it’s very small, it’s a great, great industry and so it’s really easy I think to find some good partners because we all want to help each other succeed.

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