Transcript Why go to the International Workboat Show

So the Workboat Show is really the place in the US where what we call the commercial maritime industry comes together. It is the undisputed leader in our industry for this type of event.

Everybody is here from our industry and a lot of commercial buyers, a lot of government agency buyers. It’s probably the number one show in North America and it is very international, there’s a lot of presence from the Western hemisphere in general. You never know who’s going to walk into your booth that may have tugs that they need to have fitted with some technology or some products.

So the Workboat Show is a great way to meet everyone. When I come to Workboat I can get everybody in a quick two day span. It’s the one place where you can come in three days to make a tremendous number of really good contacts. So New Zealand companies should consider the Workboat Show because it truly represents all of the operators in the US workboat market.

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