A region offering unique advantages in physical geography and resources, Southland has applied scientific knowledge to increase the productivity of its agricultural, energy and mineral reserves, creating a wide variety of investment opportunities.

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Southland has invested heavily in earth knowledge systems and surveying, including a recent regional topoclimate survey which provides a powerful knowledge base for investment opportunities in agricultural diversification to support high-value food processing. National agencies have also conducted aeromagnetic and radiometric surveys in Southland, providing high-value information for investment decisions in the minerals and resource sector.

Regional highlights

  • High-value agriculture
  • Space tracking and research
  • Pure silica oxide research
  • Growing international workforce

Areas of opportunity

Innovative food and beverage processing

Southland has a well-established food and beverage sector driven by significant agricultural production, with investment opportunities in added-value processing of functional health foods like oat milk.

Capitalising on natural resources

Southland is developing an investment opportunity in silica and other mineral extraction, and has a strong base of existing mining experience, renewable energy resources and engineering expertise to support extractive industries.

A developing space industry

Southland has the potential to leverage its unique location and attributes to become a global hub for space-based data and satellite imagery. Ground stations are currently in place at Awarua and Lochiel, with these facilities and related expertise providing an opportunity for further spacerelated investment.

Download the full regional investor profile below.

How Southland Compares

Who to contact

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise

For more information on opportunities and guidance about investing in New Zealand, email our investment specialists.

Venture Southland

Venture Southland is the region's development agency. It's purpose is to promote Southland, facilitate economic and community development opportunities and add value to the region. It has a robustly researched investment-attraction focus.

For more information and help in the region, contact Venture Southland

Sector strengths for Southland

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