Economic indicators

¹ Expenditure on GDP in current prices
² Expenditure on GDP in current prices per capita
³ Includes unallocated taxes on production and imports, bank service charge, and balancing items
⁴ GDP in 95/96 prices per capital

Source: Statistics New Zealand, Reserve Bank of New Zealand
Economic indicators Total Year end
Population 4,470,800 30-Jun-13
Nominal GDP (NZ$million)¹ 211,678 31-Mar-13
Nominal GDP growth (%) 2.7 30-Sep-13
Nominal GDP per capita (NZ$)² 47,636 31-Mar-13
Real GDP (NZ$million)³ 149,989 30-Sep-13
Real GDP growth (%) 2.6 30-Sep-13
Real GDP per capita (NZ$)⁴ 32,869 31-Mar-13
CPI inflation (%) 1.4 30-Sep-13
Unemployment rate (%) 6.2 30-Sep-13
Total merchandise exports (fob, actual values, NZ$million) 45,704 30-Jun-13
Total merchandise imports (cif, actual values, NZ$million) 46,524 30-Jun-13
Trade surplus / deficit (current prices, NZ$million) 533 30-Jun-13
Export of services (NZ$million) 13,926 30-Jun-13
Import of services (NZ$million) 14,937 30-Jun-13
Stock of New Zealand's direct investment abroad (NZ$million) 22,698 30-Jun-13
Stock of foreign investment in New Zealand (NZ$million) 100,774 30-Jun-13

Foreign direct investment flows into New Zealand by country

Source: Statistics New Zealand
Country NZ$ million Year end
United Kingdom 1,504 30-Jun-13
Australia 1,160 30-Jun-13
Singapore 1,270 30-Jun-13
Switzerland -18 30-Jun-13
Japan -80 30-Jun-13
Bermuda -93 30-Jun-13
United States of America -992 30-Jun-13
Netherlands -1,054 30-Jun-13
Total direct investment in NZ 1,443 30-Jun-13

Stock of foreign direct investment in New Zealand by country

Source: Statistics New Zealand
Country NZ$ million Year end
Australia 63,584 30-Jun-13
United States 10,352 30-Jun-13
United Kingdom 5,523 30-Jun-13
Singapore 3,876 30-Jun-13
Japan 3,152 30-Jun-13
Netherlands 2,633 30-Jun-13
Canada 2,057 30-Jun-13
Hong Kong (SAR) 1,599 30-Jun-13
Cayman Islands 950 30-Jun-13
Switzerland 463 30-Jun-13
China, People's Republic of 391 30-Jun-13
Total direct investment in NZ 100,774 30-Jun-13

Stock of total foreign investment in New Zealand by country

Source: Statistics New Zealand
Country NZ$ million Year end
Australia 110,080 31-Mar-13
United Kingdom 52,940 31-Mar-13
United States 38,845 31-Mar-13
Singapore 7,845 31-Mar-13
Japan 7,784 31-Mar-13
Hong Kong (SAR) 3,959 31-Mar-13
Netherlands 3,582 31-Mar-13
Canada 2,564 31-Mar-13
Taiwan 2,488 31-Mar-13
Virgin Islands, Brit 2,425 31-Mar-13
Total investment in NZ 315,503 31-Mar-13

 Exports - Top 20 commodities

Source: Statistics New Zealand
Commodity NZ$ Millions Year end
Milk powder, butter, and cheese 11,320 30-Jun-13
Meat and edible offal 5,249 30-Jun-13
Logs, wood, and wood articles 3,374 30-Jun-13
Crude oil 1,688 30-Jun-13
Fruit 1,551 30-Jun-13
Mechanical machinery and equipment 1,545 30-Jun-13
Fish, crustaceans, and molluscs 1,345 30-Jun-13
Wine 1,209 30-Jun-13
Electrical machinery and equipment 1,070 30-Jun-13
Aluminium and aluminium articles 1,000 30-Jun-13
Precious metals, jewellery, and coins 900 30-Jun-13
Preparations of cereals, flour, and starch 896 30-Jun-13
Casein and caseinates 872 30-Jun-13
Iron and steel, and articles 837 30-Jun-13
Optical, medical, and measuring equipment 773 30-Jun-13
Miscellaneous edible preparations 766 30-Jun-13
Wool 678 30-Jun-13
Wood pulp and waste paper 590 30-Jun-13
Raw hides, skins, and leather 567 30-Jun-13
Textiles and textile articles 526 30-Jun-13

 Exports - Top 20 countries

Source: Statistics New Zealand
Country NZ$ Millions Year end
Australia 13,485 30-Jun-13
China 8,997 30-Jun-13
United States 6,026 30-Jun-13
Japan 3,648 30-Jun-13
United Kingdom 2,253 30-Jun-13
Republic of Korea 2,001 30-Jun-13
Singapore 1,193 30-Jun-13
Germany 1,094 30-Jun-13
Hong Kong (SAR) 1,054 30-Jun-13
India 1,017 30-Jun-13
Taiwan 993 30-Jun-13
Malaysia 932 30-Jun-13
Indonesia 880 30-Jun-13
Canada 785 30-Jun-13
Philippines 730 30-Jun-13
Thailand 728 30-Jun-13
Saudi Arabia 726 30-Jun-13
Netherlands 680 30-Jun-13
United Arab Emirates 651 30-Jun-13
France 588 30-Jun-13

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