Cracking Europe:

Adapting your marketing strategy for European success

We know there are cultural differences that can stand in the way of New Zealand companies from succeeding internationally, but they’re often hard to explain. We can look at a piece of advertising or sales material and instinctively know it’s not ‘right’, but we can’t put our finger on why. 

This series will help you successfully transition your New Zealand marketing strategy into Europe by giving you tools to understand cultural differences in key markets and advice on how to use them to your advantage. 

  • Firstly, we’ll look at marketing from a cultural perspective, digging into how six European markets (Germany, UK, Spain, Italy, Netherlands and France) differ to New Zealand culture and how to adapt your communication and marketing materials for better results. 
  • Secondly, we’ll provide you with materials to  help you understand how to best reach your customer, by looking at key demographics, media consumption and online habits in Europe. We’ll benchmark against New Zealand’s own media landscape so you can successfully adapt to the country you are entering. 
  • Lastly, we’ll be looking at these insights to help you understand how to make best use of a marketing budget and hidden costs to watch out for. 

There is also the option to attend a one-day interactive workshop that will dig deeper and put this knowledge into practice using real world examples. The aim of this day is that every participant will walk away with the tools to diagnose cultural issues and have the building blocks to create a strong market-specific marketing strategy. 

Event details

Webinar one: Cultural adaptation and the media landscape

In this one-hour webinar we showed you how and why cultural adaptation plays such an important role in successfully entering Europe and gave you the tools that will help you understand key markets. We hosted this webinar in March. 

See the resources section for one-page reference sheets about each of the six markets, plus the webinar recording and presentation. 

For more information, please email your Customer Manager or our Europe Regional team.

Webinar two: How to make the most of a marketing budget

In this one-hour webinar we’re going to share practical tips on how to decide what to prioritise in your marketing budget for maximum impact in the European country you are entering. 

Proposed Dates: May 15, 9am NZ time, repeated May 17, 10am UK time.
Duration: One hour.
Who is this webinar suitable for: staff of New Zealand companies with a responsibility or interest in their sales and marketing results in Europe.  

Cost: complimentary for companies working with NZTE in Europe or New Zealand. 

Register for webinar two - NZ time

Register for webinar two - UK time

Seminar: 1 day workshop

In this one-day intensive, attendees will get their hands dirty and use real world examples to put their lessons into practice. We’ll spend the morning becoming experts in the tools before handing out a test case that you will need to diagnose and build your own recommendations for. The seminar will be followed by optional networking drinks with guest speaker, former Saatchi & Saatchi Chairman, Kevin Roberts. 

Date and duration: April 24, full day +  optional networking evening.
Proposed Location: London 
Cost: This seminar is complimentary for companies working with NZTE Europe, 15 places are available. Travel costs not covered. 
You should attend if: You have a specific marketing objective you are trying to solve in Europe (Chatham House rules will apply). Attendees are likely to have responsibility or oversight for their European marketing plan.

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Series Presenter 

Andrea Price

Born and raised on a dairy farm in Southland, Price combines a deep connection to New Zealand with over 10 years of experience developing marketing strategies for some of the world’s biggest companies in Europe. 

Based in Amsterdam for the last 11 years, her experience includes global giants like adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, DHL and Karl Lagerfeld, alongside consultant work for growing companies with global ambitions. Specialising in digital marketing, she is the founder of a small consultancy called A Step Back, and is a firm believer in a customer-first approach.

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