Export Essentials Workshops

Starting a business is hard enough, but successfully growing your business can be overwhelming. Let us help! Our Export Essentials workshops will make your journey smoother by giving you the tools and action plan you need to reach your exporting goals.  

Don't just take our word for it...

“The A to Z process of how to take your product to an international export market.” Nicole Snook, Owner, NZ Performance Tuning.

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Check out what previous workshop participants have said about the workshop and how it has benefited their business.

What we are looking to do is to help businesses understand early in the export process what the path to success looks like.

The A-Z process of how to take your product, and take it to an international export market.

There’s really small changes that you could make that could really benefit your business going forward.

One of the things that really resonated strongly with me is the amount of people that are going through the same suffering and pain we are when they’re exporting.

We actually changed our pitch to a business and received 20 percent better response rate.

I think a lot of businesses in New Zealand looking to export would absolutely benefit from these workshops.

  • What you will learn

    Common pain points addressed during the workshops include: 

    • Developing market selection methods so you can select, validate and then focus on the markets that present the biggest opportunity for your business. 
    • Finding a channel partner that shares your values and truly understands your business and the audience you want to reach, and understand how to best pitch your business to them.
    • Creating a unique value proposition for your business that tells a powerful story that deeply connects with your customers and channel partners.
    • Using value chain analysis to find the best pathway and channel options for a new market. 
    • Planning your market entry to set yourself up for success from day one.

    Our Export Essentials workshops address these pain points and more, to save you time, money, stress and ultimately, lead you on the path to growth success.

  • After the workshop
    Receive coaching

    We’ll give you the time and space you need to digest and begin to implement what you’ve learnt, into your business. You’ll then have a one-on-one follow-up session with your workshop facilitators to review your export plan and hone in on the problem areas. After all, a robust export plan is your best friend when it comes to making fewer mistakes, and saving on precious time, money and resources.  

    Join the community

    We also understand that having a community of like-minded business owners around you is important. Our LinkedIn alumni group will help you stay connected with fellow businesses and experts who have attended a workshop, so you can keep the momentum going – be it by sharing your progress, lessons learned along the way, and even collaborating. 

  • Is it for me?

    If you’re not yet exporting, but are serious about getting it right from the start, these workshops will help you prepare and build a strong pathway for international growth. 

    If you’re already exporting, these workshops will help you get better results with current partners and customers, get ready for new international markets, and help ensure you’re on the best path for future growth. 

  • Who delivers the workshops?

    The workshops are all facilitated by private sector partners, chosen by NZTE for their previous exporting experience: 

    • Katabolt – a leading independent international market development agency offering research, strategy and coaching to emerging and established New Zealand businesses.
    • KPMG – a global network driving international business that’s committed to fuelling New Zealand’s prosperity.
    • Maven – a successful and experienced product and services exporter in their own right, with hands-on experience in multiple markets.
  • Workshop dates, locations and cost

    Our workshops are held in key locations throughout the year:

    Where When


    Tauranga 29 August & 12 September 2018  Katabolt 
    Auckland 5 September & 19 September 2018  Maven
    Invercargill  12 September & 26 September 2018  KPMG 
    Christchurch  24 October & 7 November 2018  Maven 
    Whangarei 24 October & 7 November 2018  Katabolt
    Auckland  31 October & 14 November 2018
    Wellington  31 October & 14 November 2018 Katabolt 


    This two-day workshop, 90-minute coaching session and entry to our LinkedIn alumni group is $500 + GST per person, and $250 + GST for the second attendee from your business.

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