2018 Finalists

Congratulations to this year's finalists! Get to know more about the amazing companies and nominations all vying for top honours at the New Zealand International Business Awards. 
  • ANZ Best Emerging Business

    Our 2018 finalists for ANZ Best Emerging Business are:  

    Auckland BioSciences Ltd
    BeeNZ Ltd
    Haka Educational Tours
    Invert Robotics
    Method Recycling
    Spring Sheep Milk NZ Limited Partnership
    Woodcut Tools
    Zeffer Cider

    Auckland BioSciences Ltd

    What Auckland BioSciences does is little short of alchemy. The company transforms waste animal blood from New Zealand abattoirs into high-value serum that it exports around the world for use in the manufacture of veterinary pharmaceutical vaccines.

    Over the past three years, Auckland BioSciences has grown its international revenue by 46 percent, with key markets located in South America, Asia, the Middle East, Russia, India, Canada and Germany.

    However, Auckland BioSciences strongly supports other New Zealand businesses. It has operations within a number of processing facilities around the country, including Timaru, Hamilton, Te Kuiti and Invercargill, creating more regional jobs.

    It has spent significant amounts with New Zealand transport companies and local laboratories. All its plastic containers are bought from local businesses, rather than from China. The company has also procured more than a million dollars’ worth of third-party serum, supporting employment from other abattoirs.

    Auckland BioSciences’ objectives include growth through product diversity and territory, ensuring security of supply, and improving its in-house core competency. Once the company’s Sterile Filtration Facility on Auckland’s North Shore is operating, it will look to add six more staff to its current 18 to operate the sterile filtration clean rooms and QC laboratory. 

    Auckland BioSciences Ltd is a finalist in the 2018 New Zealand International Business Awards for Best Emerging Business.

    BeeNZ Ltd

    Katikati company BeeNZ is a premium New Zealand honey exporter specialising in producing and exporting high-quality honey products.

    This family-run business, founded by in 2014 David and Julie Hayes, also owns and operates the successful Buzz Apiaries with more than 1200 hives used for honey, pollination and venom collection. They produce UMF-certified manuka honey, as well as clover, kanuka, wildflower and Rewarewa honey.

    Beside the processing facility, a retail store sells BeeNZ honey, honey-based skin care products and bee-themed gifts and homewares. What makes BeeNZ special is that it manages the entire journey of the honey from hive to bottle. BeeNZ is the beekeeper, extractor, processor, packer and exporter – a rare thing in the New Zealand honey industry.

    International sales account for 40 percent of BeeNZ’s total revenue. Its main international markets are China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, Japan, the USA, Australia, Italy and Germany. The company is currently focusing on expanding its export markets and its pursuit of international business sales is helping to ensure that the New Zealand honey industry remains strong. 

    BeeNZ is proud to have created employment opportunities in its local community, through its requirement for freighting and logistics, packaging, label design and manufacture, building contractors and suppliers, and its demand for honey from local beekeepers.

    BeeNZ is a finalist in the 2018 New Zealand International Business Awards for Best Emerging Business. 

    Haka Educational Tours

    Established in 2015, Haka Educational Tours specialises in sports, educational and leadership tours and camps for schools, university groups and individual students. It aims to provide inspirational tours that motivate students in every aspect of learning by offering unique, engaging and practical experiences.

    Its main markets are Australia, China, the United States and the United Kingdom. Over the past three years, Haka Educational Tours has experienced a 216  percent growth in international revenue. Haka Educational Tours conducts tours around the world in destinations in Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania and South America. 

    Despite carrying out very little marketing, Haka Educational Tours has experienced remarkable year-on-year (predominantly organic) growth. The company has grown from a sole operator, who ran the brand, operations, sales and marketing, to a team of five full-time staff across a range of sales, operations and product roles. A further seven part-time staff work across marketing and sales to support the company’s global strategy and growth goals.

    Founder and director Ryan Sanders says Haka has heavily invested in people resource to sustain its growth rate and utilise the shared business model of Haka Tourism Group.

    The company has contributed significantly to the national tourism GDP and will continue to do so with its appetite for growth on a global scale.

    As a service exporter, Haka’s international success has significantly benefitted its New Zealand tour partners and suppliers, which include activity businesses, travel insurance companies, regional accommodation providers.

    Haka Educational Tours is a finalist in the 2018 New Zealand International Business Awards for Best Emerging Business.

    Invert Robotics

    The trend towards safer work practices and stricter health and safety regulations is well entrenched around the world. Companies face litigation and significant fines for failing to provide safe work environments. This has led to increased demand for suitable solutions.

    Invert Robotics has responded by developing a safe automated way to perform visual inspection of food tanks and spray dryers. This world-leading technology eliminates the need for people to work at height or within confined spaces. The system is one of only a handful globally that can climb non-magnetic surfaces, and the only one that can operate inside tanks and other vessels. It can also improve the overall operational efficiency of a plant by keep equipment running for longer. 

    Over the past five years, the Invert Robotics has validated its technology and value proposition, growing from humble beginnings serving the New Zealand dairy sector to delivering services to the world’s largest food and chemical companies on four continents.

    Its main markets are in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Asia and North America, and its international revenue has doubled over the past three years.

    Invert Robotics’ patented technology is unique and its potential applications are extensive. By continuing to correctly identify viable markets and maintaining the ability to resource expansion as necessary, the company has significant opportunities for growth.  

    Invert Robotics is a finalist in the 2018 New Zealand International Business Awards for Best Emerging Business.

    Method Recycling

    Wellington company Method Recycling has transformed the humble waste bin into a thing of beauty. Its award-winning 60L Office Recycling Bins are designed like a piece of office furniture and provide an effective, flexible and attractive system to promote recycling in modern workplaces.

    Method’s stylish colour-coded recycling bins interlock into visible, effective recycling stations that inspire action by accommodating different waste streams. A patented mechanism locks the bin liner in place and conceals it.

    The company was started nearly four years ago by Steven and India Korner. Method is self-funded and has grown largely through bootstrapping. Rather than seek outside investment, the owners have reinvested profit into the business so it can continue to scale, as well as fund research and development into new products.

    Instead of owning and managing its own warehouse, Method holds its goods in third-party warehouses managed by Mainfreight, which also handles most of its deliveries. Local plastics manufacturers Talbot and Axiam make Method’s bins using the company’s tooling and intellectual property.

    The company has staff in New Zealand and Australia. Its main markets are Australia, the United Kingdom and the USA. Method’s aim is to adapt to new markets and be the solution they need. 

    Method Recycling is a finalist in the 2018 New Zealand International Business Awards for Best Emerging Business.

    Spring Sheep Milk NZ Limited Partnership

    Spring Sheep Milk is in the business of advanced nutrition, creating a market-driven, end-to-end value chain for sheep milk to expand into a significant new primary industry for New Zealand. The company makes delicious and nutritious New Zealand-made products from its flock of grass-fed sheep.

    This small, rapidly growing business founded in 2015 is a unique public-private partnership between the Government state-owned enterprise Landcorp and the boutique sales and marketing company SLC Group. This partnership combines the best farming know-how and resources with branding and in-market expertise.

    Spring Sheep’s main markets are Taiwan, Malaysia and Vietnam, and its international revenue has grown by 88% over the past three years.

    The company has 15 full-time staff as well as part-time seasonal farm workers based in New Zealand. It has worked with more than 50 local New Zealand suppliers, including farmers, advisors, researchers, scientists, manufacturers, designers and agencies, across all areas of its business. 

    Spring Sheep’s biggest challenge is managing market demand and farm supply to fulfil orders. Its Sheep – Horizon Three PGP programme aims to develop a profitable, sustainable New Zealand sheep milk category for export markets and a $200m – $700m industry by 2030. A collaborative approach with international partners and other New Zealand sheep farmers is crucial to building this industry for New Zealand. 

    In 2016 Spring Sheep Milk secured an MPI Primary Growth Partnership grant to help develop a profitable, sustainable New Zealand sheep milk industry for export markets. This has significantly impacted on how its business operates. 

    Spring Sheep Milk NZ is a finalist in the 2018 New Zealand International Business Awards for Best Emerging Business.

    Woodcut Tools

    Established in 1990 and based in the Hawke’s Bay, Woodcut Tools is a family-owned manufacturer of innovative, high-quality tools for wood turners. Attention to detail, hard work and an absolute commitment to quality are hallmarks of Woodcut Tools’ business. 

    International sales contribute at least 90 percent of Woodcut Tools’ revenue. The company has overseas markets in the United Kingdom, the USA, Germany and Austria. It also has distributors in Australia, Canada, France, Holland, Spain, Denmark and Finland. 

    Despite being founded in tradition, Woodcut Tools is driven by innovation. Its products are designed by wood turners for wood turners, and are valued for their quality and reliability. 

    The company supports other Hawke’s Bay and Auckland-based businesses that provide services in areas such as shrink wrapping, laser etching, coating and heat treatment, and CNC (the automated control of machining tools).

    Woodcut Tools is a finalist in the 2018 New Zealand International Business Awards for Best Emerging Business.

    Zeffer Cider

    Zeffer Cider The production of craft beverages is a burgeoning industry in New Zealand, and it’s not all about beer. Zeffer Cider is an award-winning premium craft cider with an Antipodean twist – it contains no cane sugar, just all-natural real cider crafted in Hawke’s Bay. 

    The company’s vision is to sustainably grow into a $10 million revenue business by 2021. Its overseas’ sales are predominantly to China, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Germany, the US and Australia.

    In 2017, Zeffer Cider raised investment capital to successfully launch into the Chinese market and as a result increased its production team to meet rising demand. Since then, it has established a new state-of-the-art cidery in Hawke’s Bay capable of producing two million litres of cider annually.  

    The majority of Zeffer’s export sales are to the Northern Hemisphere during its summer months. This allows the company to keep its full production team employed during the New Zealand winter. Zeffer Cider has generated up to 15 jobs in the local economy by way of full-time and part-time production roles, and the company buys its apples from growers in Hawke’s Bay, injecting further revenue into the regional economy. 

    Zeffer Cider is a finalist in the 2018 New Zealand International Business Awards for Best Emerging Business. 

  • ANZ Best Medium Business

    Our 2018 finalists for ANZ Best Medium Business are:  

    K9 Natural (Natural Pet Food Group)
    Link Engine Management
    Ross Roof Group
    Ziwi Limited 

    K9 Natural (Natural Pet Food Group)

    By 2022, the pet food industry is predicted to be worth USD$98.81 billion. Premium natural pet food company K9 Natural is already carving out a healthy slice of the action. The company’s mission, which drives its international business strategy, is to enable cats and dogs to thrive through naturally better nutrition.

    All of the whole-food ingredients included in its products are sourced from, manufactured and packed in New Zealand. These raw materials include grass-fed meat, fresh fruit and vegetables, green-lipped mussels and hoki oil, and create a strong brand position for selling K9 Natural products offshore.

    International sales has almost doubled over the past three years. Its main markets are North America, Australia, China and other parts of Asia. By 2025, K9 Natural aims to be the leading global brand for natural, high-value, high-meat pet nutrition. 

    The growth in its international business has enabled the company to create 45 FTE jobs in New Zealand. It also supports internships from New Zealand universities.

    K9 Natural has a strong focus on production innovation and scientific research. Over the last three years it has produced and sold 10 new pet product ranges, including supplements, treats, enhanced diet formulations and one of the world’s first canned pet foods containing no gelling agents, just water. This wider range of products has increased sales and positioned K9 Natural as an innovative industry leader in premium pet food. 

    K9 Natural Food is a finalist in the 2018 New Zealand International Business Awards for Best Medium Business.

    Link Engine Management

    Founded in 1992, Link Engine Management is a global leader in motorsport electronics and performance technology. It also specialises in the development, manufacture and marketing of engine control units (ECUs) built to manage motorsport and powersport vehicles.

    In 2016, the company decided to reshape how it pursued growth with a focus on growing its exports in major markets. This involved establishing local sales offices and third-party warehousing to ensure rapid distribution capabilities. Link also committed to reshaping its product range to enable it to be marketed as a turnkey product with market-leading reliability, ease of installation and affordability to enable the company to expand market share and overall sales. 

    Today Link Engine Management’s main markets are the United Kingdom, the USA, Australia, Japan, Southeast Asia, China, Europe and the Middle East. International sales have nearly doubled in value over the past three years. 

    Its export success continues to benefit both the national economy and the Canterbury economy specifically. The company manufactures 98% of its products in New Zealand. To meet growing international demand, Link has outsourced some of its production and partnered with Christchurch and Auckland-based companies TE Connectivity and Aucom. 

    The company also operates in partnership with the University of Canterbury and the Ara Institute of Canterbury to employ qualified automotive electronics engineers, and to help with the teaching curriculum and the University of Canterbury Motorsport (UCM) challenge. Most of its engineers have been trained locally in Canterbury and Link provides internships for engineering students.

    Link Engine Management is a finalist in the 2018 New Zealand International Business Awards for Best Medium Business.


    Established in 2000 and headquartered in Hamilton, More4Apps specialises in speeding up business with its configured software solutions. The company’s easy-to-use Excel-based software wizards and mobile apps interface with Oracle’s e-business suite to enable data to be quickly and accurately uploaded. More4Apps works with retailers, universities, airports, councils, hospitals and district health boards around the world. 

    The company has customers in more than 45 countries, including North America, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, China, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. It also has offices in Brisbane, Newport Beach, California, and Surrey in the United Kingdom.

    With its diverse team spread across the world, More4Apps has a strong focus on staff engagement. Each year it brings offshore team members to its Hamilton head office to strengthen working relationships, improve company culture and showcase More4Apps’ pride in being a Kiwi global company. Each month, around 80% of staff attend live online CEO-led company update sessions designed to inform, promote engagement, and share progress against company strategy.

    Over the past three years, More4Apps has increased its staff levels from 38 to 57, a significant number of whom work in development. 

    More4Apps recognises the important role young people play in the software world. It supports software and marketing graduates at local tertiary institutions such as Wintec and Waikato University. Staff also participate in innovation talk series at both institutions.

    Collaboration and knowledge sharing are priorities for More4Apps. It has helped ExportNZ Waikato with master classes and seminars, sharing its international expertise with local New Zealand business owners, and helping them enter international markets. 

    More4Apps is a finalist in the 2018 New Zealand International Business Awards for Best Medium Business. 


    PikPok is a videogame developer and publisher that distributes games into more 200 countries, with significant consumption in the US, Europe and Australasia. This distribution is almost entirely digital, making for easy access into these markets. PikPok’s games have been translated into 23 different languages, and while they are made predominantly for the mobile phone market, the company also has offerings for PC, Mac and VR platforms, and videogame consoles. 

    All of PikPok’s revenue is derived from export sales, and this revenue has grown by 62 percent over the past three years.

    To meet growing demand for its offering, PikPok has expanded its team from 78 fulltime equivalent staff in 2016 to 110 in 2018. Its employees are based both in New Zealand and in its overseas markets including China, the US, Russia, Turkey, Singapore and Malaysia, with 15 different nationalities represented.

    As a lightweight staff-focused producer of digital goods, PikPok consumes little to no physical resources, meaning the company’s cost base feeds straight back into the tax system to benefit New Zealand. And, as digital goods are infinitely replicable, its revenue is massively scalable.

    PikPok has worked with Victoria, Massey and AUT Universities to help shape and execute their tertiary curriculum and prepare students for a range of roles in the growing creative digital sector. The company has also worked with government bodies and industry advocacy groups to help develop policy and strategies to support and grow the creative digital sector. 

    PikPok is a finalist in the 2018 New Zealand International Business Awards for Best Medium Business.

    Ross Roof Group

    Established in 1989, Ross Roof Group is on a mission to be a renowned global roofing brand. The company’s origins date back to 1942 when its founder, John Ross, began hand-making concrete blocks and tiles, before expanding into concrete roofing tiles in 1949 on the Takanini, Auckland, site from which it still operates. 

    Today, Ross Roof Group exports its Metrotile Roofing Systems and Tilcor Roofing Systems to six regional areas around the world. The group’s products are sold in more than 80 countries, with its main markets in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, the US, South America, the Caribbean, and China, the Philippines, Taiwan and Japan. 

    Over the past three years, the company has put considerable effort into building sales structure in its newer markets, including the USA, the UK and parts of Europe. This allows its volume to be spread across different markets and enables Ross Roof Group to continue manufacturing its high quality product in New Zealand for the domestic market. 

    The company’s business has grown considerably in New Zealand over the past few years, leading to the addition of various management and factory positions that gives Ross Roof Group the potential to run its facility 24 hours a day, five days a week. It also plans to increase capacity through increased automation.

    As a family-run business, Ross Roof Group promotes good family values amongst its staff and pays the ‘living wage’ to all its employees. As a result, the local South Auckland community views it as an employer of choice.  

    Ross Roof Group is a finalist in the 2018 New Zealand International Business Awards for Best Medium Business. 


    Software developer Seequent is a global leader in the development of visual data science software and collaborative technologies. It develops data visualisation and geological modelling solutions that enable those in the mining and minerals, civil engineering, environmental, and geothermal energy industries to extract valuable insights from complex raw data.

    Seequent’s 3D modelling tools and technology are widely applied across industries and projects, including road and rail tunnel construction, groundwater detection and management, geothermal exploration, resource evaluation and estimation, and subterranean storage of spent nuclear fuel.

    International sales account for 99 percent of the company’s total revenue, and over the last three years, these sales have more than doubled. Seequent has customers in more than 90 countries worldwide.

    Since 2010, its workforce has increased 14-fold to 226 employees, with more than half of them based at the company’s Christchurch headquarters and R&D centre.

    Seequent also has strong academic partnerships with the Universities of Canterbury and Auckland, and employs many postgraduates. Globally, it works alongside 150 universities with its academic software programme. 

    Seequent is focused on innovation and meeting customer needs, and has an excellent understanding of its markets. Its objective is to build a sustainable global business that delivers value for customers, shareholders and staff. 

    Since it was established in 2009, Seequent has generated a profit every year, which the company has used to fund its growth programme. It now has an aggressive three-year planning horizon for expanding and protecting its market position. 

    Seequent is a finalist in the 2018 New Zealand International Business Awards for Best Medium Business.

    Ziwi Limited

    New Zealand pet-food company Ziwi is in the business of delivering carefully crafted food that mirrors the whole-prey, meat-rich diet dogs and cats require for optimal health. 

    Established in 2007, this 100 percent New Zealand family-owned business manufactures all its products in New Zealand facilities, using the best local ingredients, and works alongside the country’s large meat companies adding value to these ingredients.

    Ziwi operates in 17 overseas markets, which provide 96 percent of the company’s total revenue. These include North America, Australia, Asia, Europe and the United Arab Emirates. Ziwi has seen its international sales grow by 162 percent over the last three years, and has almost doubled its staff over the last 18 months to meet this increased demand.

    Investing in safer and healthier work processes and procedures is important to Ziwi. Following a major review of shift patterns and hourly remuneration for its kitchen processing staff, the company has significantly increased hourly wages with individual workers doing fewer shifts to improve health, safety and quality of work. 

    The company has invested heavily in plant and improvements to its original production kitchen and office in Mt Maunganui, along with additional investments in plant, equipment and commissioning of a new Christchurch kitchen. This brings Ziwi closer to its South Island raw-material supply partners. 

    Ziwi recently entered into a joint venture with ANZCO, one of New Zealand’s top five exporters to create pet oral healthcare products at Ziwi’s new Christchurch facility. Ziwi has more new product development initiatives under way with other New Zealand industry partners and academic institutions. 

    Ziwi is a finalist in the 2018 New Zealand International Business Awards for Best Medium Business.

  • ANZ Best Large Business

    Our 2018 finalists for ANZ Best Large Business are:

    Cedenco Foods New Zealand Ltd
    Douglas Pharmaceuticals
    Gallagher Group
    Invenco Group
    Skyline Luge International

    Cedenco Foods New Zealand Ltd

    The high sunshine hours, fertile alluvial soils, and a moderate climate make the North Island’s East Coast famous for its fresh fruit and vegetables.

    Established in Gisborne in 1986, Cedenco is adding value to these top-quality fruit and vegetables. The company manufactures powders, pastes, purees and IQF (individually quick frozen) products from locally grown crops.

    Cedenco’s main markets are predominantly located in Asia and include Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. The company also exports its products to Australia and the European Union. 

    Over the past three years, Cedenco has seen a 29 percent increase in export revenue. Its success has flow-on benefits for farmers, fruit and vegetable suppliers, engineering firms that service Cedenco’s plant, packaging suppliers, and freight companies that transport its products. With 80 permanent and 400 seasonal staff, the company plays an integral role in the local East Coast community and economy.

    Cedenco’s vision is to be a world-class food ingredient company. Its production facilities are certified under FSSC22000, globally acknowledged as the highest standard in food safety. This food safety system guarantees complete product traceability throughout the production process, from raw material to the finished product. Cedenco is committed to improving its social and environmental practices, and is working with overseas corporations to gain a sustainable agriculture status. 

    Cedenco Foods New Zealand is a finalist in the 2018 New Zealand International Business Awards for Best Large Business.

    Douglas Pharmaceuticals

    Established in 1967, Douglas Pharmaceuticals is now a major player on the New Zealand business landscape. The company is growing at a phenomenal rate while constantly meeting its sales and development targets. 

    From its Auckland headquarters and its sites in Fiji and Pennsylvania, Douglas Pharmaceuticals develops, manufactures and supplies prescription and consumer medicines, as well as health and beauty care products to markets around the world. These include Europe (Germany, the UK, Italy and France), the US, the Middle East, South Africa, Southeast Asia, China and Australia. 

    International revenue has grown by 78% percent over the past three years. The company has invested heavily in its international product development and business over the past five years and created an additional 200 jobs as a result. Thanks to its commercial success, it has doubled staff at its Fiji R&D facility, which is now a full-blown 24-hour manufacturing plant that employs 135 people.

    Over the next five years Douglas Pharmaceuticals is looking to consolidate growth in its established international markets and evolve from a New Zealand-based exporter to a truly multinational company – all while retaining its strong New Zealand identity and local industry profile.

    It will also seek to diversify by developing its brands and intellectual property – a major strategic shift away from its earlier business model of producing generic pharmaceutical products and distributing agency brands.

    Douglas Pharmaceuticals is a finalist in the 2018 New Zealand International Business Awards for Best Large Business.

    Gallagher Group

    Established in 1938, this year Gallagher Group celebrates 80 years in business. The company is a global leader in the innovation, manufacture and marketing of animal management, security, fuel systems, and contract manufacturing solutions. 

    Its customers range from corporate and lifestyle farmers to farmers and land owners wanting animal-exclusion solutions, as well as specialist industries requiring animal control, such as zoos, and those looking for environmental solutions. Gallagher group aims to make their operations more efficient and profitable. Its solutions are available in more than 130 countries, and key markets outside of New Zealand include Australia, North America, Asia, India, South Africa, South America and the UK. 

    During the past three years, Gallagher has experienced significant business growth, which has resulted in the highest profits since the company began. The development of its offshore markets has recently led to the creation of 29 new sales and technical roles abroad; but, significantly, the company’s international business has led to the employment of approximately 750 staff in New Zealand. In 2017, Gallagher employed an additional 136 people into new roles to meet the demand for its technology throughout New Zealand.

    Gallagher’s success also extends to other New Zealand businesses, with the company investing heavily into local start-ups and sharing its commercial experience.

    Gallagher Group is a finalist in the 2018 New Zealand International Business Awards for Best Large Business. 


    Gentrack is an NZX- and ASX-listed technology company established in 1993 during New Zealand’s power market deregulation. It provides billing, CIS and customer engagement software for energy and water companies, predictive collaboration platforms for airport operations and guest experiences, and energy portfolio management and detailed analytics for revenue assurance and reconciliation. 

    Today, Gentrack has more than 200 utility and airport customers in 20 countries across North and South America, the UK, Europe, Asia and the Asia-Pacific region. It also has offices in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Denmark, Malta and the USA.

    Despite its international reach, Gentrack’s R&D centre, executive leadership team and global headquarters remain in Auckland. This creates significant cost benefits and lets the company deliver an almost 24/7 service to its customers around the world.

    International sales currently account for 84 percent of Gentrack’s total revenue. Over the last three years, its international revenue has almost doubled. Gentrack has increased its Auckland-based staff numbers by 25 percent during that time, and continues to recruit some New Zealand’s leading software engineers and computer science graduates. 

    Gentrack continues to deliver improved and profitable results from its R&D programme, which has ultimately led to more offshore success. 
    The company’s vision is to be recognised globally as a leading enabler of innovation in utilities and airports. It has plans to transition all of its customers to its cloud-hosted solutions.

    Gentrack is a finalist in the 2018 New Zealand International Business Awards for Best Large Business.

    Invenco Group

    It seems that cash is no longer king, as consumers increasingly request the convenience of electronic payment options. 

    Established in 2009, Invenco is a global provider of self-service payment solutions that is revolutionising the sector with its open-platform approach. Its products include outdoor payment terminals, electronic payment servers, payment switches and cloud services – all designed to be fast, efficient, secure and reliable.

    Hundreds of millions of people all over the world use Invenco technology every day – without even realising it. Invenco delivers highly secure, EMV-compliant, self-service payment solutions for some of the world’s biggest brands. 

    Being nimble, price-competitive, and quick to market gives Invenco a valuable advantage over its often large and slow competitors. 

    Overseas sales provide 86 percent of the company’s revenue, with the US accounting for more than three quarters of its international sales. Invenco also exports its technology to the Middle East, Asia, and the UK and Europe. Over the past three years its international revenue has more than quadrupled.

    While Invenco is very much a global company that is growing its offshore teams; New Zealand remains the hub of its operations with 90% of its employees located at its head office in Auckland. Wherever possible, Invenco works with New Zealand partners, developing new technology through pilot programmes such as ‘fast-lane’ fuel purchase and pay-as-you enter car wash systems. 

    Four years ago Invenco invested heavily in R&D and software platforms. It is now reaping the rewards and projecting continued growth and profits into 2019 and beyond. 

    Invenco Group is a finalist in the 2018 New Zealand International Business Awards for Best Large Business.

    Skyline Luge International

    Known for a pioneering spirit and innovation, Skyline Enterprises has been at the forefront of New Zealand tourism since 1966, when the company built a gondola from Queenstown to Bob’s Peak to service a burgeoning restaurant business.

    It has since evolved, expanding and diversifying its offering to provide world-class leisure and entertainment experiences for domestic and international travellers in both New Zealand and overseas. 

    Skyline’s wholly owned local businesses include Skyline Queenstown, Skyline Rotorua, The Helicopter Line, Harris Mountains Heli-Ski, Wanaka Flightseeing, Challenge Rafting, Mitre Peak Cruises and Blue Peaks Lodge & Apartments. Skyline also has a number of joint venture tourism interests around the South Island.

    Since inventing the luge in 1985, Skyline Luge International has spent more than 30 years refining its product. The company hosts more than seven million luge rides annually. 

    In addition to luge rides in Queenstown and Rotorua, Skyline has operations in Singapore, Canada and South Korea. Over the past three years revenue from its overseas rides has increased by 90 percent.

    Skyline invests heavily in continuous improvement of its track and cart designs, as well as customer experience and safety measures. Customer satisfaction surveys suggest that 99% of guests would recommend Skyline Luge to others and 95 percent would visit again. 

    The company is currently looking at future product development options including the Skyline Coaster in Singapore, Ziplines in Busan (South Korea) and new attractions for Tongyeong and Swansea to provide more options for guests on site.  

    Skyline Luge International is a finalist in the 2018 New Zealand International Business Awards for Best Large Business.

  • Excellence in Design

    Our 2018 finalists for Excellence in Design are:

    Fisher & Paykel Healthcare
    Methven Limited
    Pic’s Peanut Butter

    Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

    Fisher & Paykel Healthcare has a reputation for delivering world-leading healthcare solutions. Founded 50 years ago, its design focus is about ‘doing the best for patients’. It’s an approach that hasn’t changed since the company created its first prototype respiratory humidifier in 1968, and revolutionised the delivery of respiratory humidification to critically ill hospital patients.

    Over the years, the company’s product base has diversified from the invasive ventilation market into obstructive sleep apnea, and later into non-invasive ventilation, nasal high-flow therapy and surgical humidification. A feature of its success has been a consistent focus on its core expertise of heating and humidifying air. Each year, an estimated 10 million patients are treated using products designed and manufactured by Fisher & Paykel Healthcare.

    Understanding patient needs informs the company’s design process, which requires careful, considered and continual prototyping and refinement. By also driving changes to clinical practice, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare is able to achieve its mission of improving care and outcomes through its innovative healthcare solutions.

    Approximately 99% of its sales revenue is derived from outside New Zealand, but the company manufactures, assembles and tests its complete range of products, including many components, in its facilities in New Zealand and Mexico. These incorporate controlled working environments, and its manufacturing and design processes are certified to meet the international medical device quality standard ISO13485.

    Today, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare employs more than 3,500 people based in 36 countries and serving over 120 countries. 

    Fisher & Paykel Healthcare is a finalist in the 2018 New Zealand International Business Awards for Excellence in Design. 

    Methven Limited

    Showering needn’t be an ordinary daily activity according to Dunedin tap and showerware company Methven. Instead, it strives to design and create products that elevate showering to an amazing water experience that doesn’t cost the earth.

    Methven has a long history of innovation in showering, having successfully commercialised a number of international award-winning bathroom technologies including Satinjet®, Aurajet® and most recently VJet®. This proprietary innovation has paved the way for a showering-led approach to international market expansion and growth.

    An example of Methven’s design innovation is its Aurajet® Aio Shower range. The Aurajet shower features novel spray technology and a unique halo shape that delivers 20 percent more spray force and twice the water contact on the skin than conventional showers, using as little as nine litres of water per minute. It embodies Methven’s design objective of creating products that save water and energy without compromising on the showering experience.

    The company is rapidly evolving through design and innovation, and is proud to its products and technologies to the world. Methven’s main international markets are China, the United Kingdom, Australia, Southeast Asia and Ireland. Its international revenue has increased by 66 percent over the past three years.

    In late 2017, Methven entered the USA market and launched the Aurajet® shower. It has achieved distribution listings with major US retailers including Lowes and Home Depot.

    Methven has also seen rapid growth in China, where it has secured a premium position in the market and significantly expanded its distribution.

    Methven is a finalist in the 2018 New Zealand International Business Awards for Excellence in Design.

    Pic’s Peanut Butter

    Pic’s Peanut Butter is a Nelson icon. A decade ago, founder Pic Picot began making peanut butter out of his garage to sell at the local Nelson farmers’ market. His brand’s unique and engaging story has seen its passionate consumers doing their bit to promote the Pic’s range themselves, meaning the company does very little marketing. The enthusiasm of Pic’s army of fans is what drives its present sales and future growth. 

    This simple market strategy begins by engaging people with the product, then organising a supply line for them, and asking them to share the product with their friends. Pic’s then seeks to streamline its supply channels by engaging wholesalers and retailers. As a result, the company’s distributors have an assured market, its consumers save freight and benefit from lower prices, and Pic’s gains distribution across the world. 

    In addition to its loyal New Zealand fan base, Pic’s Peanut Butter products are sold in Australia, Singapore, the US and the United Kingdom. Over the past three years, international revenue has grown by 74 percent.

    In addition to its all-natural range of nut butters and oils, the company has developed its own experiential offering. Pic’s has been running factory tours for five years, attracting an equal share of New Zealand and international tourists. The newly built Pic’s Peanut Butter World is a 2500m2 immersive peanut butter experience that guides visitors through the whole process and tells the company’s story. These tours have become a draw card and contribute to tourism in the Nelson region.

    Pic’s Peanut Butter is a finalist in the 2018 New Zealand International Business Awards for Excellence in Design.

  • Excellence in Innovation

    Our 2018 finalists for Excellence in Innovation are:  

    Antipodes Skincare
    Endace Technology Ltd
    Genera Biosecurity
    K9 Natural (Natural Pet Food Group)
    New Zealand King Salmon
    Sealegs International Ltd
    Spring Sheep Milk Co

    Antipodes Skincare

    Antipodes is an innovative, scientific organic beauty brand. Its founder and director, Elizabeth Barbalich, has built her skincare and makeup company on a combination of high-quality natural New Zealand ingredients and raw super-fruit extracts, coupled with science and innovation to produce high-tech certified organic and premium formulations.

    Barbalich has driven Antipodes to be a science-based company from the start. Since it was established in 2006, Antipodes has always applied an innovative approach to the different aspects of its business. The company is one of the few natural brands that carry out scientific testing to validate the claims around its products.  

    Anti-ageing science is an important factor in the selection of high-performance individual ingredients used in Antipodes products. To safeguard sustainability and quality control, the company has kept its manufacturing in New Zealand. 

    Antipodes selects all its business partners based on their values and a commitment to sustainability. The company works closely with its supply chain, seeking the best innovation and ingredients from its suppliers to ensure it’s creating a premium consumer experience.

    But innovation isn’t just limited to Antipodes’ product formulations. The company takes an innovative approach to its digital strategies to its markets. It seeks to understand its customers and their journey to purchase, so that it can develop a digital experience that attracts them to its brand.

    Antipodes products are now sold in 13 countries and continue to win numerous beauty and health industry awards for performance.

    Antipodes is a finalist in the 2018 New Zealand International Business Awards for Excellence in Innovation. 

    Endace Technology Ltd

    Innovation has been embedded in Endace’s DNA since the company began in 2001. Early on, it established a global reputation for expertise in high-speed packet capture – the ability to capture network traffic off networks at very high-speeds without losing any data. 

    The DAG card, Endace’s first product, was a hardware-based network capture card. Its first users included the world’s largest telecommunications companies. DAG cards were also adopted by international governments for security monitoring, and found a niche in high-frequency trading thanks to their extreme accuracy.

    DAG cards are still the industry’s gold standard for accurate, reliable packet capture, and remain a significant source of revenue for Endace. Innovation and foresight has enabled Endace to stay ahead of the game. The company launched new technology that could not only capture network traffic, but also store it as evidence of what had taken place on the network. Such innovation allowed Endace to add value to its DAG cards and introduced the company to some of its largest customers. 

    It is now working to educate the market about the benefits of an open common platform for analytics. The platform innovation has defined Endace’s corporate strategy, and its product-development focus is on making the platform the perfect host for analytics solutions. 

    Endace continues to invest in R&D and further developing the platform. It is constantly innovating to enable new capabilities. Among these are Smart Truncation, a patent-pending technique for automatically determining how much of a packet is needed and removing the unnecessary content before storing it. 

    Endace is a finalist in the 2018 New Zealand International Business Awards for Excellence in Innovation. 

    Genera Biosecurity

    Based in Tauranga, Genera Biosecurity is an international provider of biosecurity treatments, the treatment of stored grains and produce, phytosanitary compliance, and pest management. The 100 percent family-owned company, established in 1975, is New Zealand’s largest biosecurity treatment provider, delivering fumigation services throughout Australasia. 

    It provides quarantine treatment of imported cars, trucks, machinery, and shipping containers using its chemical free BioVapor™ Heat Treatment System.

    Genera Biosecurity believes in innovation and continues to introduce alternative treatment solutions to the market to meet the ever-changing demands of its clients, legislators and environmental bodies. 

    Among the company’s innovations is a gas-liquid methyl bromide recapture system that’s suitable for scrubbing fumigant gases from bulk fumigations. The company is also a pioneering expert in in-transit bulk phosphine fumigation of grain and logs.

    Innovation is a key pillar in Genera’s business strategy and future growth. With a scientist as its CEO, Genera has formed a new subsidiary company, Genera Science and Innovation, to provide high quality science and engineering support to its operational teams. Genera has a team of research scientists working on new fumigant-recapture and alternative-treatment technology. 

    The company operates in a high-turnover, low-margin environment where investment in R&D has an immediate and significant impact on its profits. However, its board has endorsed an innovation-driven strategy and supported investment in capital, personnel and intellectual property. 

    As a result, Genera has significantly increased both its annual turnover and market share each year.

    It is now recognised as a world leader in bulk commodity fumigation, and fumigant recapture. 

    Genera Biosecurity is a finalist in the 2018 New Zealand International Business Awards for Excellence in Innovation. 

    K9 Natural (Natural Pet Food Group)

    For more than a decade, K9 Natural Pet Food has been making freeze-dried pet food containing New Zealand whole-food ingredients (such as grass-fed meat, fresh fruit and vegetables, green-lipped mussels and hoki oil) to provide better nutrition for cats and dogs. 

    Product innovation and research are key strengths of the business. Innovative new products have had a significant impact on K9 Natural’s sales. This helps the company capture new market share by increasing its in-store and online range. It also positions K9 Natural as an innovative industry leader in premium pet food. Each of its new products is led by its ethos of science and research guided by nature.

    In the past three years, K9 Natural has produced and sold through 10 new pet product ranges. These include pet supplements, treats, enhanced diet formulations and one of the world’s first canned pet foods with no gelling agents, just water. 

    In 2015, the company carried out a three-year research programme on the benefits of New Zealand grass-fed red meat in pet food, supported by an MBIE grant, and in collaboration AgResearch NZ and Massey University. The research has shown exciting links between red-meat diets and positive gut health, compared to standard high-carbohydrate kibble diets. 

    With cat ownership rates increasing, K9 Natural is pursuing more opportunities with its Feline Natural brand, which has become a key focus in its innovation pipeline. The company recently released its Feline Hydration booster, the first supplement to target and improve cats’ water intake.

    K9 Natural Pet Food is a finalist in the 2018 New Zealand International Business Awards for Excellence in Innovation. 

    New Zealand King Salmon 

    At New Zealand King Salmon, innovation is a key focus that extends to its marketing, operations and products. The company is the world’s largest grower of a unique breed of King salmon. It has strong, world-renowned brands that target channels and categories in multiple markets worldwide, as well as market and category leadership in New Zealand. 

    The Ora King brand, developed by New Zealand King Salmon in 2012, is one of the first examples of a branded, traceable seafood product in the world. Ora King is the company’s unique breed of the rare King salmon, which makes up just one percent of the world’s salmon supply. 

    This year, New Zealand King Salmon continued the momentum of the Ora King brand by launching Ora King Tyee. This world-first product has unique characteristics to meet the premium market, with just 40 fish available for sale each month. It’s an example of aquaculture innovation aligned with brand innovation. 

    Over the last year, New Zealand King Salmon has also integrated product and brand innovation for its Regal brand in the US. Based on consumer and category research, it has developed new smoked-product packaging and revamped the Regal brand to suit the American consumer market.

    Set up in 2015, the company’s Omega Innovations division focuses on ways to extract high value from by-products of its operations, with ranges such as fertiliser and compost. To date, the division has launched the Omega Plus pet food range, which is a high priority for export.  

    New Zealand King Salmon is a finalist in the 2018 New Zealand International Business Awards for Excellence in Innovation. 

    Sealegs International Ltd

    Established at the dawn of the new millennium, Sealegs’ entire company is based on the idea of pioneering something new: amphibious boats and amphibious enablement technology. 

    Sealegs is the only company in the world to produce amphibious wheeled boats and amphibious enablement technology. Its founders, two Auckland entrepreneurs, started Sealegs as the solution to a problem – how to get a boat from a shed to the sea. 

    New Zealand was the ideal proving ground for prototyping and producing the first few craft for a small number of Auckland customers. But following proof of concept, it was clear that international growth was the next logical step for Sealegs. International sales to markets such as the US, Australia, France, Malaysia and the UK, now account for 60 percent of the company’s total revenue.

    Sealegs is now very much a part of New Zealand’s marine industry story and profile, along with institutions such as Hamilton Jet and Team New Zealand. 

    A fully ‘made in New Zealand’ company, all of Sealegs’ components are machined, fabricated and assembled in its Albany facility. Given the highly innovative nature of its products, Sealegs intellectual property is extensive. The company has a library of patents, trademarks and registrations on its technology and names, and a reputation for producing quality, reliable technology.

    Sealegs is a finalist in the 2018 New Zealand International Business Awards for Excellence in Innovation. 


    Serko has been the leading Online Booking Tool (OBT) for corporate travel in Australasia since the company was established in 2007. Serko has subsequently expanded its offering into expense management and become a publicly listed business. It employs more than 100 people across three countries, and services customers in over 25 countries worldwide. Serko’s main markets are in North America, the UK and Europe.

    Serko is growing rapidly. Today, many of the largest corporate businesses in Australia, New Zealand and Asia trust Serko to help them manage their corporate travel programmes and expenses. More than 2 million people have access to Serko’s OBT and 60 percent of Australia’s corporate-travel spend passes through Serko every year. 

    Innovation is a key component of all Serko’s strategic initiatives. Each aspect of the business, from governance and internal operations, to its solutions, service and product delivery, involves some form of innovation. 

    Serko’s new Zeno platform, launched in 2018, seeks to transform business travel across the entire journey. It uses intelligent technology, predictive flows and a global travel marketplace to enhance a traveller’s en-route experience in seven key ‘states’ (fly, stay, move, eat, work, play, rest) – all while providing additional revenue opportunities for Serko and resellers. In the three months following Zeno’s launch, Serko secured more than 1000 enterprise corporates and signed two global travel management company deals for 50 countries. 

    Serko’s innovation isn’t limited to its technology. The company has also innovated with people and resources. Its successful project team self-selection process focuses on the key qualities of aptitude and passion – even if the team member doesn’t have the necessary skills.

    Serko is a finalist in the 2018 New Zealand International Business Awards for Excellence in Innovation. 

    Spring Sheep Milk Co

    By creating tasty and nutritious milk products from its flock of grass-fed sheep, Spring Sheep Milk Co is working to expand sheep milk into a significant new primary industry for New Zealand – one that’s sustainable, scalable and high value. 

    Innovation is at the heart of its business strategy. A public-private partnership between the New Zealand Government state-owned enterprise Landcorp and the boutique sales and marketing company SLC Group, Spring Sheet Milk Co combines the best farming know-how and resources, with branding and in-market expertise. 

    The company is the only entity in a position to build an end-to-end value chain that will retain the full economic benefits within New Zealand. This is because the value-add and market-facing side of its business is fully controlled by New Zealand interest and with a fundamental shift in mindset from commodity ingredients to high-value consumer products.

    Spring Sheep Milk Co has a clear plan for connecting with its consumers, for its product innovation process, seamless supply chain and world-leading farm systems. As a result, the company has created unique, high-value products specifically crafted to meet the needs of its customers. 

    Spring Sheep was founded in mid 2015. It has subsequently worked with more than 50 local New Zealand suppliers – from farmers, advisors, researchers, scientists, manufacturers, designers and agencies, across all areas of its business to deliver premium products to its international partners. 

    Spring Sheep Milk Co takes learnings from its market partners and consumers, and uses these to improve its farming practices, product development, and messaging.

    Spring Sheep Milk Co is a finalist in the 2018 New Zealand International Business Awards for Excellence in Innovation. 

  • Inspiring Preference for New Zealand

    Our 2018 finalists for Inspiring Preference for New Zealand are: 

    New Zealand King Salmon
    Spring Sheep Milk Co 


    Infratec believes that New Zealand should become the first major industrialised country to run year round on 100% low-carbon, nuclear-free electricity, with a mix of hydro, geothermal, wind and solar power. The company is at the forefront of renewable energy solutions and is taking its technology to the world. 

    Part of the Alpine Energy Group, Infratec provides engineering design, construction and finance solutions in renewable technologies, such as solar and stand-alone power systems, HV network design and communications, and alternative fuels.

    The company designs, supplies and installs commercial and utility-scale renewable and energy storage plants in New Zealand, the Pacific and ASEAN region. It has carried out projects in Tuvalu, Afghanistan, Tonga, Rarotonga, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, and around New Zealand. 

    Infratec’s main markets are currently Indonesia, Tonga, Fiji, French Polynesia and New Caledonia. Having worked in very remote areas, from Afghanistan to Kiribati, the company has accumulated some valuable business learnings. The current challenge for Infratec is managing its growth without compromising on its products, quality and reputation. 

    Its approach to community engagement has enhanced its reputation in its key markets and gives the company a unique marketing avenue for its own offering and for promoting the New Zealand brand. Wherever possible, Infratec uses New Zealand subcontractors, materials and equipment contractors for its overseas projects.

    Infratec has established two joint venture partnerships for the deployment of renewable generation, battery storage and micro-grid projects. One of these is a five-year project with MFAT (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade) in Indonesia.

    Infratec is a finalist in the 2018 New Zealand International Business Awards in the ‘Inspiring Preference for New Zealand’ category. 

    New Zealand King Salmon

    Everyone likes a good story – it helps us make sense of the world. NZ King Salmon uses its unique stories of people, place and pride to create the ultimate salmon experience, with New Zealand as the backbone for each of its brands. 

    The company seeks to express its values and represent Aotearoa in the best possible way, enhancing the New Zealand story through its brand, innovation, passion, and commitment to excellence.

    Ora King is NZ King Salmon’s unique breed of King salmon. Aimed at the premium food-service market, Ora King is featured on the menus of more than 1000 top restaurants worldwide. New Zealand is built into the Ora King brand pillars, with values such as leadership, collaboration, honesty, innovation, sustainability and respect conveyed through Ora King marketing campaigns. 

    Regal Marlborough King Salmon/Regal New Zealand King Salmon is founded on provenance. The brand tells the story of the Marlborough Sounds where the unique mix of currents, water quality and temperatures gives Regal Salmon its flavour, colour, texture and healthy omega-3 fatty acids. 

    NZ King Salmon has begun taking the Regal Salmon story to Australia, Southeast Asia and the USA with its smoked salmon retail products in vibrant blue packaging that represents the cool, deep waters of the Marlborough Sounds. 

    Even in its corporate activities, NZ King Salmon takes New Zealand to world. It recently led a delegation of government representatives, e-NGOs and iwi leaders to the Aquavision conference in Norway. The company used this opportunity to showcase New Zealand by bringing Māori tikanga – including mihi, karakia and gifts – to key events.

    NZ King Salmon is a finalist in the 2018 New Zealand International Business Awards in the ‘Inspiring Preference for New Zealand’ category.

    Spring Sheep Milk Co

    New Zealand is known the world over for its sheep. We currently have a national flock of around 30 million – down a little on the days when our sheep outnumbered Kiwis 20 to one.

    But quality trumps quantity, and Spring Sheep Milk Co is taking the goodness of milk from its grass-fed sheep to Taiwan, Malaysia and Vietnam, and spreading the story of quality New Zealand products in the process. 

    Founded in 2015, the company is in the business of advanced nutrition, making tasty and nutritious milk-based products such as milk powder and milk calcium tablets. Its business is a unique public-private partnership between the state-owned enterprise Landcorp and the boutique sales and marketing company SLC Group. It’s a partnership that combines the best farming know-how and resources, with branding and in-market expertise. 

    Spring Sheep Milk Co is creating a market-driven, end-to-end value chain for sheep milk to rapidly expand into a significant new primary industry for New Zealand. Its aims include creating demand, building brand and developing products, leveraging processing, and researching and developing viable farm models and genetics. 

    The company’s ‘Sheep – Horizon Three’ Primary Growth Partnership programme with MPI is aimed at boosting New Zealand’s sheep milk industry. It aims to develop a profitable, sustainable New Zealand sheep milk category for export markets and a $200m to $700m industry by 2030. Spring Sheep Milk Co sees its collaborative approach with international partners and other New Zealand sheep farmers as crucial to building this industry for New Zealand.

    Spring Sheep Milk Co is a finalist in the 2018 New Zealand International Business Awards in the ‘Inspiring Preference for New Zealand’ category.

  • Inspiring Women Leaders 2018 Nominations
    Aliesha Staples: Staples Productions, Auckland
    Alyssa Wade: Wade Group, Hamilton
    Amanda Santos: Tekron International, Lower Hutt
    Andrea Wilkins: Spring Sheep Dairy NZ, Auckland
    Jemma McCowan: NZ King Salmon, Nelson
    Nicola Wetere: Canary Enterprises, Hamilton
    Sarah Kennedy: Calocurb Ltd (Lifestream), Auckland