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Welcome to Chengdu, China. Home to the giant panda, Chengdu is a little more relaxed than the busy environments in China’s other major cities. It’s a financial, commercial and industrial hub and has a keen focus on being a centre for foreign investment. This means significant opportunities for New Zealand businesses, especially those that emphasise their competitive value offer.

If you’d like to find out more about this exciting emerging market, download our China Chengdu market guide on this page.

Quick facts

Here's a snapshot - you can find more detailed data in our guide.

 Export market ranking  NZ's biggest export market (20161)
 Free trade agreements   NZ-China FTA
 Ease of Doing Business ranking2  78 of 190
 Corruption Perceptions Index ranking3  76 of 176

1 Source -
2 World Bank Ease of Doing Business 2017
3 Corruption Perceptions Index 2016 

Getting to Chengdu 

You can fly to Chengdu directly from Auckland. Airlines that can take you there include Cathay Pacific, and Air China and it will take at least 16 hours.

When to visit

China’s temperate seasons provide the best climate for visiting. Summer can be very hot and winter has cold temperatures and sometimes snow. It’s a good idea to check when China’s national holidays are as some businesses may close during this time.

Before you go, check Safe Travel for travel advisories on China. 

Cultural tips 

Building a good relationship is very important when it comes to conducting business in China. Common courtesy, modesty and respect all help to create a positive impression. For example, the Chinese put a huge amount of significance on time – being early shows how much importance you have for a meeting and how much you value those you’re meeting with. 

You’ll find more cultural information in our China Chengdu market guide on this page. 

Working in-market

Getting the most out of your visit means hitting the ground running. Co-working is an excellent option if you’re staying put for more than a few days. Facilities vary, but typically you can expect a desk, and access to wifi, printer / scanner, tea / coffee and a lounge area. Some facilities may offer extended perks such as parking and on-site cafes. If you’re visiting the market solo, it also means the chance to work in the company of other like-minded business people and freelancers.

New Zealand Central (NZC) is a custom-designed business and events centre run by NZTE that includes short term office and meeting spaces for hire.

Co-working spaces can also be searched by city on Nomad List

Connect with NZTE in Chengdu

If you’re an NZTE customer and preparing to visit Chengdu, please get in touch with your Customer Manager to discuss your plans and possible areas of assistance. If you don’t have a Customer Manager, contact our Advisor Team for more information.

New Zealand's relationship with China

If you're looking for more information about our trade and diplomatic relationship with China, take a look at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade website. Their China page is packed with information, including a list of embassies and details of recent official visits. 

China Chengdu market guide

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