Welcome to the Netherlands (sometimes referred to informally as Holland). Positioned in north west Europe and with a strong international outlook, the Netherlands is known for its flat landscape of canals, windmills, tulips, art and cycling routes.

Considered a stepping stone into Europe, it is also one of the European Union’s most vibrant trading and industrial hubs, with a competitive tax setting, highly skilled personnel, solid infrastructure and an appetite for business development and innovation. Given these attributes, there are plenty of opportunities for New Zealand companies.

To find out more about this dynamic European market, download our Netherlands market guide on this page.

Quick facts

Here's a snapshot - you can find more detailed data in our guide.

 Export market ranking  NZ's 16th largest export market
 Free trade agreements   None
 Ease of Doing Business ranking2  32 of 190
 Corruption Perceptions Index ranking3  8 of 180

1 Stats NZ (2017)
2 World Bank Ease of Doing Business (2018)
3 Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index (2017)

Getting to the Netherlands

Flying from New Zealand to the Netherlands means at least one stopover. Air New Zealand, Emirates, Qatar Airways and their respective code share partners all offer non-direct flights. Depending on the stopover destination and waiting time, flight time is at least 26 hours.   

When to visit

With a long North Sea coast, the Netherlands has a typically moderate marine climate with gentle summers and mild winters. There are several national holidays, such as Easter and King’s Day, and it may be difficult to arrange for meetings in the summer months (July and August). Given this, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the Netherlands’ national holidays.

Before you go, it’s also worth checking Safe Travel for travel advisories on the Netherlands. 

Cultural tips 

The Netherlands has a long history of international business and the Dutch typically speak excellent English – however, it’s important to understand local Dutch business culture. For example, in the Netherlands it is common to arrange business meetings more than a month in advance. The Dutch also value a direct approach with facts, data and statistics. 

To find out more on cultural tips in the Netherlands, read our guide on this page.

Working in-market 

Getting the most out of your visit means hitting the ground running. Co-working is an excellent option if you’re staying put for more than a few days. Facilities vary, but typically you can expect a desk, and access to wifi, printer / scanner, tea / coffee and a lounge area. Some facilities may offer extended perks such as parking and on-site cafes. If you’re visiting the market solo, it also means the chance to work in the company of other like-minded business people and freelancers. Co-working spaces can be searched by city on Places to Work.

Connect with NZTE in the Netherlands  

If you’re an NZTE customer and preparing to visit the Netherlands, please get in touch with your Customer Manager to discuss your plans and possible areas of assistance. If you don’t have a Customer Manager, contact our Advisor Team for more information.

New Zealand's relationship with the Netherlands  

If you're looking for more information about our trade and diplomatic relationship with the Netherlands, take a look at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade's Netherlands page, which is packed with information, including contact details for the New Zealand Embassy in the Hague. You can also find the New Zealand Embassy on Facebook

Netherlands market guide

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