Build and grow

If you’re committed to building your exporting skills, and want to learn how to do things better, you might be ready to work with us as a Build customer.


To work with us as a Build customer, you need to complete our 10-minute Business Assessment form. This captures information about your company, your exporting history and how ready you are for international markets. We use this to understand your track record in New Zealand and/or overseas, your management team’s experience, and how closely you want to work with us (including how much information you’re willing to share).

Depending on where you’re at and what you need, we’ll either begin working with you as a Build customer, or we’ll help you connect to other agencies and organisations such as our Regional Business Partners, that can help you grow your business.  

Contact our Advisor Team to learn more about being a Build customer.

What we offer Build customers

As you build your business internationally, you’ll get a customer manager to guide you through the services and support that’ll best prepare you to be more successful globally. You’ll also have access to a suite of tools and services to help you grow your capability, boost your global reach, invest in your growth and connect to other businesses.

As a Build customer, we’ll connect you with NZTE and external support to help you prepare for your next step-up in exporting.

You’ll have access to our Export Essentials workshop, specially designed to help our customers accelerate their entry into export markets. Over two hands-on, collaborative days, you’ll learn about some of the fundamentals of exporting, including identifying and prioritising markets, channels and partners.

We’ll also connect you with other training seminars from NZTE to fit your needs – and you will have full access to our online tools and resources such as digital kickstarter to explore how to digitally enable your business.

When you need in-depth advice from others who’ve walked the same path, we can link you to others who have been there before, including our private sector advisors who have experience running international businesses.

We’ll also let you know about upcoming events and seminars to fit your interests, and give you opportunities to connect and share knowledge with other businesses tackling similar challenges.

When working with you as a Build customer, we’ll bring our specialist know-how and international networks into play, to give you a head start where it matters most.

Once you’ve identified your priority market and developed a plan to help you get there, we can offer customised reports and competitor landscape assessments via our market research team, as well as targeted help and introductions through our international offices – backed by the status of the New Zealand Government. 

You’ll get regular updates on NZTE activities here and internationally, including events, promotional programmes and trade show opportunities. You’ll also be considered for in-market immersion programmes, such as Path to Market and Accelerate China.

As well as all this, you’ll have access to all of our online resources and tools, plus tender and project information from ProjectLink, ADB and the World Bank if needed.

As a Build customer, you’ll receive invitations to seminars and events within New Zealand run by our investment team – helping you to build networks and grow your knowledge of investment and capital options for your business.

You’ll also have access to our Investment Ready service, to take you through the core elements of investment readiness - from identifying the right funding options and developing an investment plan, to fine-tuning your pitch and offer documents for capital raising. We also offer Te Aukaha investment workshops tailored for Māori business.

Backing up all of this are our investment managers who can give you expert guidance and help you fuel your international growth.

When you’re ready to highlight your potential to investors, our Investment Showcase events provide a platform to connect with the investment community both in New Zealand and internationally.

When you’re working hard to get traction in a key market, partnering with like-minded businesses can make a big difference.

If you’re keen to team up with others as an in-market coalition, we can support you as a Build customer to help you form agreements and a shared plan with other businesses, through our proven tools and approaches for collaboration.

Outside of formal coalitions, as a Build customer you’ll also get opportunities to connect with other businesses and learn from their experiences, through our range of events and activities both in New Zealand and internationally.