Build and grow

As a Build customer, you’ll get guidance from a Customer Manager who will bring together the right support to suit your needs and goals. 

You'll be able to draw on a range of services to strengthen your business, plus expert advice and in-market support from our global network. 

You’ll also get invites to events and seminars that fit your interests, and have the option of connecting with experienced advisors and other businesses who’ve shared similar challenges.  

To work with us as a Build customer, you need to: 

  • meet the same requirements as a Start customer, including evidence of sales here or overseas; and 
  • complete a short assessment to get us up to speed on your business, so we can decide if Build customer support is right for you. 

Support for Build customers 

As a Build customer, we’ll connect you with NZTE and external support to help you prepare for your next steps forward.  

As well as all support available to Start customers, you’ll have access to our Export Essentials workshops and other NZTE training and support designed to fit your needs. 

When you need in-depth advice from others who’ve walked the same path, we can link you to others who have been there before, including our private sector advisors who have experience running international businesses. 

We’ll also let you know about upcoming events and seminars to fit your interests, and give you opportunities to connect and share knowledge with other businesses tackling similar challenges. 

Visit our Services page to see the services we offer to Build customers.