Focus and evolve

As a Focus customer, we’ll partner with you to deliver tailored services and support that matches your own commitment to international growth. 

Focus customers get in-depth support from a dedicated team to drive their business forward in New Zealand and in priority markets overseas. 

In return, we expect Focus customers to show proven potential for growth, and to commit to working closely with NZTE – including sharing detailed business plans and strategic goals that we can work towards. 

Most businesses start working with us as Start or Build customers first, before being considered for Focus support when the time is right. 

To work with us as a Focus customer, you need to: 

  • meet the same requirements as Start and Build customers. 
  • show potential for growth on a scale that benefits New Zealand – measured in terms of new jobs, ongoing R&D activities, contribution to GDP, tax flows, or a premium or value-added business model. 
  • share detailed company information with us. 
  • be willing to work closely with us at a senior leadership level. 
  • have the capacity and capability for rapid growth, including solid revenue – typically at least $3 million. 
  • demonstrate real ambition for international growth. 
  • show existing momentum or results in overseas markets. 

We also measure readiness for Focus support in other ways, where this makes sense – for instance, customer acquisition rates rather than sales for digital start-ups, or asset base and future revenue potential for Māori businesses. 

Support for Focus customers 

Focus customers can access the full range of NZTE services and support – including all support offered to Start and Build customers, plus a range of intensive services tailored specifically for Focus customer needs. 

You’ll also have priority access to our international networks, including local expert and private-sector advisors, as well as one-on-one support from our Investment team to help you access the right capital to fuel your growth. 

Visit our Services page to see the full range of services we offer to Focus customers.