Start strong

If you want to get a better understanding if exporting is right for you, or need proven resources to get the essentials done, we can support you as a Start customer.


To work with us as a Start customer:

  • your business must be a registered New Zealand business
  • you need to supply basic business information - including your company name, address, product or service sector, a contact person and email address
  • preferably be able to show some evidence of sales, either here or overseas.

Contact our Advisor Team to learn more about being a Start customer.

What we offer Start customers

We help you start strong by sharing practical tools, knowledge and online support to help you learn and navigate your export journey. We’ll give you the right resources to help you grow your capability, boost your global reach and invest in your growth.

As a Start customer, you have full access to our online tools and resources, including Export Essentials - all custom-built to help New Zealand businesses get things done internationally.

For more support when you need it, our Advisor Team is just a call or email away, ready to give advice or connect you to other resources and agencies as required.

If you tell us a bit more about your business and your interests, we can also let you know about any relevant events happening near you.

Depending on where you’re at in your business development and export journey you might be eligible for our Export Essentials Workshop (you’ll find more details on these below).

We equip our Start customers with practical information to help bring global markets a bit closer.

You’ll get access to our market guides and research to help you understand the local business environment, identify opportunities and make key export decisions faster and with more confidence.

You’ll also have access to import and export data via our Advisor team, who can share additional information about your priority markets, and connect you to other agencies for specialist help with regulations or market access. 

Market guides

Read our market guides and find out about opportunities for Kiwi businesses, as well as tips and tricks for successfully doing business in over 40 countries.

As a Start customer we recognise this is a time when you are likely to need access to capital so you’ll receive invitations to seminars and events within New Zealand run by our investment team – helping you to build networks and grow your knowledge of investment and capital options for your business.