Europe provides a mix of markets, from those with long-standing ties like the United Kingdom, to emerging markets like Turkey.

If you're thinking about doing business in Europe, or are looking for extra insights to shape your strategy, our experts across the region regularly share their insights and publish them here.

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The MFAT website has more information about the New Zealand - EU free trade agreement.

Heading to market? Our guides include key information from economic data to cultural tips to help you do business in Europe.

Cityscape view of Romania at sunset
Guide to Romania

Positioned in Eastern Europe Romania acts as a gateway for many businesses and is the largest of the Balkan countries. It is home to diverse landscape from dramatic mountains and rolling hills to a coastline on the Black Sea.

Portugal city building in the day
Guide to Portugal

Find out more about Portugal's fast-growing tech sector, and how its booming tourism sector provides opportunities for New Zealand businesses.

Our blogs are must-reads for businesses looking for first-hand insights into this region.
European data privacy rule could cost 4% of turnover

New Zealand companies operating in the European Union market will need to have a compliance plan in place for the General Data Protection Regulation data privacy law, which comes into effect May 2018.

Guide to entering the European market

NZTE's Regional Operations Manager for Europe, David McLeish, highlights tips from our guide to entering the European market.

Irish dairy flows to New Zealand agritech

Two themes that have had more than their fair share of negative press in the last few years – Europe and dairy. But here’s a good news story for a change, and the protagonist is the Emerald Isle itself, Ireland.

France and New Zealand: shared values and good business

New Zealand’s business and trade relationship with France is strong, longstanding and has the potential to grow significantly under the New Zealand-European Union Free Trade Agreement currently in negotiation.

In Germany, New Zealand businesses hit the bullseye

In February, a group of major German corporations was paying close attention to a technology company based in, of all places, Christchurch.

UK opportunities holding up well

19th century UK Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli could have been talking to New Zealand businesses today when he said, “London is a roost for every bird” – although I’m sure if he was writing today he’d expand his comment to include the wider United Kingdom.

New Zealand businesses need to consider the impact of Brexit on your company. If you're an exporter into Europe or the UK, you may be affected. In these pages you'll find some pointers on information to gather and things to consider to mitigate risks. 


Evening rush hour at London Houses of Parliament
Preparing your business for Brexit

Find out more about Brexit and how it may affect import and export businesses here.

Our business resources include research to help you navigate the markets of Europe.

E-commerce guide 1: Understanding European market dynamics

E-commerce guide 2:            The European consumer

E-commerce guide 3:            The customer journey

E-commerce guide 4: Improving performance

Entering the European market

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