Preparing your business for Brexit

Now is the right time for New Zealand businesses to think about what Brexit could mean for you and your company. The UK is scheduled to leave the EU on 29 March 2019. The UK and EU have reached agreement on a draft Withdrawal Agreement which, if passed by both parliaments, would secure a transition period to December 2020. During the transition period, it is likely that the status quo for trade will continue.  

New Zealand companies should also consider the potential of a ‘no deal’ outcome. The possible effect of Brexit will be different for each business but preparing now for any scenario will enable companies to be ready to take-action and adapt to any outcome. 

New Zealand companies should be reviewing their business operations to identify areas of their company that might be affected by these changes. Exporters who believe their company may be affected are encouraged to seek more information and consider taking-action to mitigate any potential risks. 

The UK Government has created a Partnership Pack to help support businesses preparing for day one if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

For more information

Additional information on Brexit can be found on the following New Zealand Government websites, and in the sections below. 

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Preparing your Business for Brexit: Seminar Series

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Join Nick Swallow, Trade Commissioner to the United Kingdom and Ireland, for political updates, practical information on how you can prepare, and answers to your questions. Register now.

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