Greater China

This busy and dynamic region has the advantage of a free trade agreement and is full of opportunity for competitive New Zealand companies.

If you're thinking about doing business in China, or are looking for extra insights to shape your strategy, our experts in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan regularly share their insights and publish them here. 

If you’re new to exporting, or thinking about expanding your business into Greater China, get in touch with our Advisor Team to find out more.
Heading to market? Our guides include key information from economic data to cultural tips to help you do business in China's main centres.
Shanghai cityscape from the Bund
Guide to Shanghai

Shanghai is a favourite city for Kiwis to visit and often a stepping stone to doing business in China.

Stormy dramatic Taiwan skyline over forest
Guide to Taiwan

Taiwanese consumers are recognised as truly innovative and exacting in their expectations of brand experience. Natural, high quality food and beverage products are on the up in this sophisticated market. 

Our blogs are must-reads for businesses looking for first-hand insights into this region.
Collaborating for success

A critical stage in international growth for any company is the point when they decide to establish a legal entity in-market and put their own people on the ground.

Is China on your digital radar?

When you think of China, do you immediately think of digital innovation? Or do you only think of a giant economy pumping out low-cost goods?

New Zealand fresh produce is forefront for Chinese consumers

Recent examples show us that New Zealand companies that try and take short-cuts will not only destroy their own sales but also risk the broad reputation of our country for producing safe, high quality food. 

Chinese companies are going abroad despite new regulations

Chinese companies are continuing to make international acquisitions, but at the same time, they and foreign companies operating in China are facing tighter restrictions on capital outflow.

E-commerce expansion opens up fresh opportunities

E-commerce in China is growing the country’s consumer markets and providing plenty of opportunities for Kiwi companies.

New retail in China from an e-commerce perspective

New retail became a hot topic of conversation in China’s commerce world after Alibaba coined the term in 2016.

Our business resources include research to help you navigate the Chinese market.

Understanding China's cybersecurity law

  • China’s Cybersecurity Law came into effect on 1 June 2017 and includes regulations on how organisations and businesses should protect digital information. Download this information sheet to help you understand what it means for your business in China.

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Get insights from other companies who are operating in China. 
Pukeko Pictures with partners at the Forum of Creativity and Music Education China
Pūkeko Pictures in China
Finding the right partner in the Chinese market is the key to success.
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