India, Middle East and Africa

The opportunities in this exciting region are as diverse as the countries and cultures that comprise it.

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Cityscape view overlooking Dubai at night
Guide to the United Arab Emirates

Now one of the most important economic centres of the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates presents exciting opportunities for New Zealand exporters.

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Expert tips for breaking into the UAE health sector

Evelyn McNally, BDM, Dubai explains how getting your healthcare product into the UAE market is not as simple as turning up and selling.

Tips for doing business in Iran 

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you want to do business with Iran.

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Targeting top end consumers in India

  • Did you know that only two percent of weekly food shopping in India is carried out in supermarkets? Read the full report to get insights into high-end consumers.

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Pultron Mateen Bar
Structural materials pioneer meets opportunity in Dubai

Pultron built a factory in Dubai after seeing an opening for its steel substitute in corrosion-prone environments like the Gulf States.

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