Mexico & Peru Business Immersion Programme

Bienvenidos! Welcome to Latin America.

More than 650 million people live between Mexico and Argentina. Over 10 countries, 2 main languages and despite general preconceptions, very diverse cultures and ways of doing business.

For the first time, the NZTE team in Latin America is organizing a Business Immersion Programme aimed to help NZ exporters understand the opportunities available in Mexico and Peru. Through a tailored approached, NZ companies seeking these markets will be able to define sustainable strategies for the business growth.

The Mexico and Peru Business Immersion Programme is a three-phase market immersion programme run by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise with the support of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, New Zealand Story Group and Latin America CAPE to help Kiwi business get ahead in these markets.

The Programme is focused on Mexico and Peru, countries in which business opportunities have recently opened up due to CPTPP.

There's an old Peruvian proverb, "Little by little, one walks far”. Come walk with us.


Designed for companies who want to define sustainable strategies for business growth and success in Mexico and Peru. By reducing uncertainty and lack of understanding of these markets we can provide a tailored approach that clearly identifies your market niche and optimises your market strategy.


  • Build capability and confidence to do business in these markets.
  • Understand in more depth the local business realities and market opportunities, potential partners and develop a fit for purpose plan.
  • Gain insights into your customers to understand your product fit and tailor your value proposition for the market.
  • Minimise the risk of losing momentum gained after market visits.
  • Access to the right networks and knowledge to speed entry or growth.

Programme Overview

The Programme is an invite-only, guided learning experience targeted at decision makers in businesses who are either already exporting to Mexico and/or Peru or are export-ready to discover and plan entry into these markets. There are three phases to the programme.

Phase one

Before you go: customised preparation and planning

Phase two

Market immersion experience with a cohort of your peers

Phase three

Next steps: customised market planning and follow up.

For further information download the full presentation from the Business Immersion Programme seminar or contact Brendan Mahar, Market Manager NZTE 

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