Investment and funding

Our global network offers you independent guidance, deep insights, and unparalleled access to companies, people and networks throughout New Zealand. We connect investors to opportunities; help our Focus customers seek funding, and help organisations to get investment ready.

How we help investors

Our aim is to make investing in New Zealand easy for you. Whether you are looking to establish a new offshore manufacturing plant or to invest in a proven performer, we’re here to help. We can provide you warm introductions and connections to potential investment opportunities from a large pre-screened pipeline. We know how to do business in New Zealand, and we know who you need to make your investment venture succeed. 

Our team is highly experienced in all investment and capital markets transactions including mergers and acquisitions, private equity transactions, capital structure reviews, capital raising and business valuations.

Diagram showing NZTE Investment deals in financial year 2017/2018

If you’re looking to develop your global market strategy, develop outsourcing solutions, relocate or expand global operations or undertake strategic acquisitions our team can help.

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How we help exporters seeking funding

Our Investment team help internationalising companies get investment ready, build networks and grow their knowledge of investment and capital options through its Investment Readiness programme, and seminars and events within New Zealand.

NZTE Focus customers seeking funding may also be eligible for our International Growth Fund. 

  • Why invest here

    Investors large and small are taking advantage of New Zealand’s highly attractive economic and business environment. It’s easy to do business here.

    New Zealand is well known as a safe place to invest and do business. Our globally competitive economy is underpinned with stable political and regulatory systems, an innovative well-educated population and our proximity to 60 percent of the world’s population.  Catalytic foreign direct investment continues in our high growth sectors.

    We are experiencing increased investor attention into high-value manufacturing and information and communication technology sectors. Growing investment is also occurring in our primary and food and beverage sectors, due to our reputation for quality and excellence and because we have the latent capacity to scale production and yield.

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  • Investment statistics

    Find a selection of key economic indicators and investment statistics including foreign direct investment levels, exports and markets.

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  • Regional opportunities

    Discover the unique characteristics of each region and identify which matches your investment interests.

    Compare each region's sector strengths and how these are supported by the region's workforce, raw materials, services and infrastructure.

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  • Sector opportunities

    You’ve probably eaten our lamb and dairy products, indulged in our fine wines and watched a blockbuster movie set here. Now you can discover which New Zealand industry sectors are excelling and why you should invest in them.

    Read our up to date insights across many of our world leading sectors including food and beverage, primary production, tech, high-value manufacturing, and infrastructure.

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  • Who else is investing here

    Global leaders have already endorsed New Zealand by investing here.

    Many global investors are already taking advantage of our stable and globally competitive economy such as Khosla Ventures, Asahi, Baywa and Pacific Equity Partners. New Zealand welcomes new investment and investors will participate in its success.

  • Contact our team

    Our experienced investment team connects New Zealand investment opportunities with investors around the world.

    Whether you’re seeking a talented company with high growth aspirations that needs capital to achieve their commercial potential or you are seeking to establish a Greenfields operation we have the knowledge and the networks to help you succeed.

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