New Zealand Agribusiness Investment Showcase 2017

Speaker presents to full room at Agribusiness Investment Showcase event

The New Zealand Agribusiness Investment Showcase helped many innovative New Zealand agritech companies make the right capital connections to fast track their international growth.

The Showcase aimed to raise the profile of New Zealand’s agritech sector and connect global investors to New Zealand’s industry-wide solutions. New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) and ASB successfully partnered together to help support these companies in their international growth journey. New Zealand has a long, proud history of agritech innovation, and the companies in this showcase were aiming to continue this longstanding practice of developing new solutions to ongoing agricultural challenges.

Altus Intelligence
Altus Intelligence is a provider of integrated data collection and processing technology services, primarily operating in the unmanned aerial survey and mapping industry. The business model is built around people, innovation and products and has been carefully developed with the end-customers’ needs in mind, which forms the basis of its differentiation. Moreover, the business model is designed for sustainability through multiple revenue streams, many of which are recurring subscription based, which tie customers to their data rather than the hardware that supports it. The operating structure is completely scalable on a global level, with non-critical business processes outsourced. All the IP is internally developed and owned.


Autogrow is a global leader in control, automation software and data systems for indoor agriculture. Autogrow’s intelligent automation and process controls are comprised of electronic sensors and control software, supported by IoT architecture. Three levels of technology based devices and software; the most advanced level overlaid with a range of sensor data and management information that can be accessed through a web-based customer portal.


Ceratech is a food harvesting and processing equipment company developing products for the next leap in environmental and sustainable food production. Ceratech is developing new equipment based on utilising natural materials and by-products that will reduce the need for chemicals and man-made substances in food production.


Ectosolutions is formulating and manufacturing a range of pest control products addressing the $3 billion global market for crop, animal and human treatments against ectoparasites. The company is developing a range of dry and wet patented formulations based on its core natural ingredient which is proven to not only kill ectoparasites, but also disrupt their reproduction systems.

Elastic Green

Elastic Green develops and sells customised foliar sprays for commercial fruit and vegetable growers. The company’s formulations are centred on addressing the problems associated with a common, soil nutrient deficiency key to enabling a plants natural defence against pests. The company’s products are being targeted at the billion dollar markets for Pipfruit, Citrus and Horticulture.

Encounter Solutions

Encounter Solutions is engaged in the development and commercialisation of long-range, non-line of site data relay technology using an easy to install, environmentally robust hub and node system that connects to the Iridium satellite communications network.


Knowby has developed a software product to address a problem for equipment manufacturers and marketing businesses in equipping their sales channels, field teams and end users with easy to use, mobile first, product support and servicing information. The enterprise content management market is worth $28 billion annually. The Knowby platform automatically turns digital product support and service information into bite size videos, images and instructions that can be easily accessed from the smartphone of a representative or end user in the field.


Mastitis is an endemic global problem with incidence rate of 40%, costing the dairy industry $35 billion per year ($60,000 per farm in NZ). Current diagnosis is slow and inaccurate. Mastaplex provides an innovative point-of-care diagnostic testing platform for faster and more precise diagnosis on-farm. The first application is mastitis testing in dairy animals. Mastaplex diagnostics and cloud-based analytics guide optimal antibiotic treatment decisions.

Origins Software

As the New Zealand Manuka honey industry grows, we need to protect its integrity. Preventing counterfeit products from reaching the market, maintaining food safety, and ensuring total traceability are all vital to the industry’s future success. Origins Software has developed ApiTrak, a custom-built solution that not only addresses all these issues, but also improves productivity by an estimated 200-300%. Product traceability, authentication and anti-counterfeiting based on GS1 standards. The ApiTrak System is an integrated, modular, cloud-based platform that provides full visibility of the integrity of the honey supply chain from land to consumer.

Pastoral Robotics

Pastoral Robotics Limited has developed Spikey® to apply ORUN® onto pasture to convert nitrate under urine patches into increased grass growth. This is cost positive for the farmer and minimises the environmental footprint of farming on our rivers and lakes. Spikey® is towed over the freshly grazed land detecting and treating the fresh urine patches with ORUN®. ORUN® is sprayed only onto the patches, meaning only 5% of the pasture has to be sprayed, a huge saving in chemicals.


Regen SAAS combines science with technology to specify timing and amount of water irrigation for pasture. New Zealand client case studies show dollar value back to farms of $50,000 - $80,000 annually in power savings and increased pasture production. Water savings average 15%. Regen’s 5-day irrigation recommendation is updated daily using data gathered via cloud from on-farm sensors for weather, rainfall, soil moisture and temperature, and combining it with soil type, weather forecast and water use data.

Robotics Plus

Robotics Plus Ltd (RPL) develops robots for primary industries that are increasingly constrained by growing labour shortages. Based in Newnham Innovation Park in Tauranga, the company connects advanced automation science with practical market need. The result is innovative technologies ranging from autonomous vehicles for pollination and harvesting, to fruit packaging robotics.

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