Ready for Launch Showcase 2016

Audience at Ready for Launch event

The 2016 Ready for Launch Showcase took place in Hawke’s Bay on November 2, where 12 impressive New Zealand companies pitched to a select group of qualified investors.

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise partnered with the Angel Association New Zealand for the event, which showcased investment-ready companies looking for the next step to scale their business. Three cohorts of companies took part in Ready for Launch: seed, angel and those looking to scale.


Dotterel develops and integrates noise reduction and audio-enabling solutions for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or drones), initially targeting the cinematography market. UAVs are also a nuisance to the surrounding environment, creating noise pollution which restricts operations in sensitive locations and problems for industries such as security and search and rescue.


Orbis Diagnostics Limited (Orbis) is developing an in-line milking measurement for protein, fat, somatic cell, and progesterone. Orbis’ microfluidic technology is expected to measure more parameters, and be more accurate and timely than existing practice. This will provide farmers with actionable insight for each cow in their milking herd. Orbis has a Letter of Intent with one of the world’s leading milking equipment companies. This would give that company the option to use our product with their milking apparatus, at the end of a planned 18-month development project.

Wine Grenade

Wine Grenade is an award-winning wine technology company based in Auckland, New Zealand. Wine Grenades devices have been described as a step-change in wine maturation technology, and provide winemakers with the control and precision they need to make great wine, year after year. The Wine Grenade is a smart, connected device that introduces precise amounts of oxygen to wine during the maturation phase. Through a process known as micro-oxygenation, we are able to recreate the conditions necessary for oak barrel ageing – without needing oak barrels. Wine Grenade’s patent-pending oxygen diffusion process delivers superior results, faster, and with less expense.

oDOCS Eye Care

oDocs Eye Care designs and sells a system that transforms an iPhone into an Eye Clinic. It is an ultra-affordable and portable tool that will revolutionize the way that eye exams are done around the world. oDocs Eye Care ultra-portable adapters simply clip onto an iPhone and allow users to photo-document diseases of the eye that threaten sight.


Dataphyll is an innovative technology and software development company focused on delivering robust and flexible solutions to the primary industry. Dataphyll has grown out of the need for horticulturalists to efficiently capture data and convert it into a useful resource. Binwise replaces the current bin-card system with RFID tags, which - with the combination of smartphones, RFID portals and cloud software - provide reliable real-time tracking and logistics management of fresh produce from plant to plate.


Imagine a supermarket without labels on 60% of its products. Now consider the share market where 60% of all shares are not independently evaluated. There are over 100 million self-directed investors and 50,000 private wealth advisors, small funds and market data providers without the resources or tools to consider these shares. Shareclarity is the first company globally to have found an answer by providing completely transparent company analyses and share price valuations that would ordinarily be available only to investment banks and fund managers. It has spent the last three years developing and user-testing its business model, which is in the early stages of commercialising.


Weirdly‘s customised recruitment software filters job applicants by cultural fit with a simple quiz. Weirdly gets recruiters to the top 20% of candidates immediately – before they even open a single résumé.


Wherewolf creates branded arrival apps that replace traditional paper waivers for tourism businesses. We gather the legal and marketing information, display it how they need and collate it for reporting. While a reservation system takes care of availabilities and customers before they arrive, we take care of customers when they arrive, while they are onsite and once they leave.


Hedgebook is a SaaS business which provides treasury management solutions to SME businesses. It has established an active client base in New Zealand and Australia with over 100 users, and is now pursuing a number of distribution channels which will support significant user growth in both Australasia and other larger off-shore markets.

Little Bird Organic

Little Bird is New Zealand’s premier producer of contemporary plant-based wholefoods. Little Bird manufacture a range of health focused (and delicious) packaged goods and run the award winning Unbakery cafés in Auckland.

Postr Media Ltd

Postr is an innovative mobile advertising platform that enables global telecom operators to monetize the mobile lock screen with targeted advertising for their Android subscribers. Postr builds white label apps for telcos across the world.


ThunderMaps shares the largest database of dangerous locations in the world that helps businesses make health and safety easy, improve compliance, and keep employees safe. The product is endorsed by the European Commission and we have customers in seven countries.

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