Venture from the Cloud - Sydney 2018

Venture from the Cloud- Sydney 2018

On 27 March 2018, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) brought seven companies from New Zealand to Sydney to participate in Venture from the Cloud - Sydney 2018. These companies were born global, with products and services that can compete on the world stage. From revolutionising music lessons to finding ingenious solutions for business problems, these tech companies are reaching new heights.

Over 75 guests attended Venture from the Cloud, including 75% of the Australian Venture Capital market representing $3bn in total funds. All of the presenting companies were seeking to raise growth funding or expansion capital. Venture from the Cloud was a fantastic opportunity for companies and investors to create valuable connections across the ditch and advance their Australasian growth strategies. 
In the lead-up to this investment event, NZTE worked with the companies to get them pitch-ready so they could nail their investment proposition. This involved defining and strengthening the company’s presentations and investor collateral, as well as making introductions to Australian Investors.

“Thank you once again for your unfailing commitment to realising a good outcome for us and for your wonderful coaching.” – participating company

“Thank you for the invite and for organising the event. Great companies and great kiwi food! Looking forward to the next one.” - Investor

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  • Blackhawk Tracking



    Blackhawk aggregates automotive and IoT asset data to deliver a single view of a company’s assets, then automates business processes and safety alerts. The channel to market is through value-add resellers with deep experience in their specialist industry sectors, and via a large, established customer base. Annualised revenue is currently $3 million NZD from 40 customers and 7,000 subscriptions. Blackhawk delivers a white label SaaS platform with a configurable business workflow engine. The platform can connect to any automotive OEM vehicle API and telco communications network (GSM, satellite, IoT).

  • Melodics



    Melodics is a SaaS start up that provides engaging, compelling and revolutionary music lessons via a desktop app. With both free and subscription-based content, Melodics has over 5,000 subscribers and over 165,000 app users. Melodics uses proven gamification principles to make practice fun, relevant and addictive. By adapting to the user’s abilities and musical tastes, the app motivates the user through reward and recognition, achieving results faster than traditional methods.

  • Melon Health

    Melon Health


    Melon Health is a self-service chronic disease management platform with programmes that are reducing costs and improving patient outcomes in four countries. The platform enables insurers, healthcare providers and employers to prescribe curated mobile health solutions to end consumers at relevant touch points in their health journey. In turn, providers will receive actionable data to deliver value based care. The platform is cloud based and mobile friendly. It integrates and aggregates devices, wearables, content and social engagement to deliver personalised health management programmes.

  • Nomos One

    Nomos one


    Nomos One provides an easy-to-use lease management software designed to transform the way companies manage corporate, retail, industrial property and asset portfolios. A new international lease accounting standard (IFRS 16) comes into force in January 2019 – this provides a unique opportunity to accelerate growth. IFRS 16 affects over 50% of businesses globally and will bring over $3 trillion USD of new debt onto balance sheets. Nomos One’s solution helps medium to large tenants seamlessly manage their portfolios as well as comply with IFRS 16.

  • Quantiful


    It’s no surprise the world is becoming more data driven and reliant on technologies that can analyse and predict outcomes. As sales channels fragment and consumer volatility grows, so too does the importance of getting the right tools to accurately gauge the impact of this change on your business – and in turn, adjust demand creation and demand management accordingly. Using sophisticated AI and unrivaled access to data sets, Quantiful’s business planning portal can predict specific performance outcomes for clients across sales, marketing and demand planning functions.


  • Shuttlerock


    Shuttlerock is an award winning creative technology platform. Shuttlerock’s system helps brands collect and manage photos and videos that can be used across paid, owned and earned digital channels. The platform allows a brand to auto-refresh Facebook and Google ads, and uses artificial intelligence to optimise advertising creative streams. Shuttlerock is a 2016 Facebook Global Innovation Award winner and one of only 30 Facebook creative platform partners globally.

  • Vigilance



    Every year companies globally lose billions of dollars to targeted transaction fraud. Vigilance is a first to market technology that uses smart algorithms to interrogate proposed payments prior to them being transacted. Vigilance highlights any suspicious payments prior to money leaving the company’s bank account. Vigilance works by aggregating your bank, payroll and accounting data; it then uses this information to examine payment details in every proposed payment batch, be it payroll or creditors, as they arise.