Our characteristics of determination and independence of thought have built a nation that is creative, innovative and often ingenious. It is this resourcefulness that has led to many world-class innovations in software, such as that used to for electronic devices, special effects, 3D games, retail, broadcasting, finance and corporate support.

New Zealand has a skilled and stable workforce, a growing technology ecosystem with collaboration across industry, business, education and government, time zone advantages, and is globally competitive on price. The country has clear strengths in telecommunication, computer, and information services – which grew nearly 10 percent from 2015-2016.

Technology remained New Zealand’s third largest and second fastest growing major export sector. The top 200 technology firms are driving significant revenue growth in diverse global markets.

The country has a healthy environment for start-up enterprises and is known for its low-cost barriers, flexibility, resilience and entrepreneurship. And, because New Zealand’s domestic market is small, it is an ideal test bed for new products.

We have already attracted some global tech companies to service the Asia Pacific region. These companies value the fresh, outward looking way of thinking.

"We have invested in a wide range of New Zealand technology businesses (nine TIN100 companies) and co-invested with a number of international investors. The common theme we see and hear is they are 'born global', - developing their products, plans and people for large global markets practically out of the gate." Randall Barrett, Pioneer Capital

Growth sub-sectors

Fast growing and emerging sub-sectors include agritech, software solutions, digital media, health tech and financial services technology.

High revenue growth for NZs top 100 ICT companies

Software development

New Zealand's software developers and designers lead the world in their creative thinking and originality. The broad nature of work in New Zealand means that employees tend to be generalists and typically work in smaller development teams, leading to faster response times.

The digital economy contributed more than $6.9 billion in export earnings last year. Between 2002 and 2016, exports of computer and information services grew at nearly 12 percent per annum. New Zealand success stories include innovative cloud-based accounting software, 3D geological modelling solutions for the mining, hydrogeology and geothermal industries; and software solutions for protecting companies and countries from threat, crime and corruption.

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