Essential Selling

Winning or losing a deal can be game-changing. It’s easy to burn time, cash and resources targeting the wrong opportunity. Lift your game with Essential Selling.

See immediate results with this interactive, online sales coaching programme. Developed and delivered by sales experts, you’ll learn a proven formula for increasing sales that will help your team attract more customers.

What is it?

Gain a competitive advantage in the fast-changing international business market with the help of expert sales coaches. 

In weekly online group coaching sessions, they’ll help you to increase your win rates and close complex deals faster, as you follow their practical steps to build consistent, measurable sales processes into your business.  

As you help your team optimise productivity and effectiveness, you’ll get immediate, tangible results in days or weeks – not years. 

“Essential Selling gave us a different way of thinking about sales - and very practical tools. It’s very applicable to our business, and immediately of benefit” - Leanne Markus, Managing Director, Centranum.

How it helps your business

  • Lift sales and increase the productivity of your sales teams.
  • Learn from a sales training service proven in international markets.
  • Develop your sales skills, including business development, qualification, relationship building and solution selling.

How it works

You’ll be enrolled in cohorts of 10-12 like-minded New Zealand businesses (maximum two per company). 

  1. Preparation
    You’ll complete pre-reading and record an introduction to get to know the others on the programme. 
  2. Online programme
    You’ll join up to 13 weekly, 90min long, online group learning sessions led by our sales coaches. Each learning session provides the opportunity to share, practice and learn from peers and expert coaches. You’ll also have access to online resources such as videos, exercises and practical templates. The weekly workload is up to 2.5 hours, including pre-work and group time. 
  3. Continued support
    You’ll develop a valuable peer network, and the NZTE team will continue to provide you with additional help and advice. 

Am I eligible?

All NZTE customers can access this service. Participants need to allow up to 13 weeks of live group learning sessions

How much is it?

The service is 50% funded by NZTE.  The cost to your business is $1,100 +GST per participant.

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