Strengthen your business through governance

We’re using the term strategic leadership on purpose – because that’s what governance is.

Many businesses fall into the trap of seeing governance as a compliance exercise ensuring the accounts are accurate, and that management’s doing its job. This is only part of the story. The real value comes when strategic leadership helps a business to see beyond what they’re doing today.

Governance involves talking about long term decisions that will shape the future of the business and how to make any changes to ensure it can thrive. Fit-for-purpose strategic leadership is about putting people around you that cover any blind spots you might have (yes, everyone has them). The right governance structure helps you get clear on the where you want your business to be in the future, how to manage risk and improve performance. Ultimately the right governance takes you out of the day-to-day and helps shine a light on the future and what could be possible.

Our governance service supports Focus customers who have questions about:

  • The type of expertise our business should be looking for
  • Director recruitment - bringing external perspective into the business
  • How do we improve the relationship between management and the board
  • Do we have the right succession planning in place
  • Clear lines of responsibility between management, directors and shareholders
  • How we set ourselves up to raise capital 

Am I eligible?

NZTE Focus customers are eligible for this service.

How it works

We know that every business is at a different stage in how they’re thinking about governance, so we always start with your specific need.

Step one is a two to three hour session to explore options of how fit-for-purpose governance can help your business. Your key decision makers or existing directors should attend.

We’ll match you with a private sector New Zealand Beachhead advisor who knows what good governance looks like and has deep commercial experience.

How much is it?

No charge for NZTE Focus customers.

After that session, depending on what the outcome is, we can connect you to a private sector provider or additional governance support. We have pre-selected experienced providers, who offer a range of services from Director recruitment to evaluating board performance.

How much is it?
Working with these providers is at your own expense.

Our providers are:
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