In-market immersion programmes for deeper understanding

There’s nothing quite like spending time deep in your target market to help you get to grips with how to position your business against the competition, and how to put your customer front and centre of what you do.

We know how valuable in-market immersion is. The time and energy you put into understanding the market and your target customers has the ability to give you a strong competitive advantage, which is why we’ve put together our Path to Market and Accelerate China immersion programmes to support you.

Our immersion programmes have helped export-savvy businesses:

  • Succeed faster in-market
  • Research, experience and truly understand their target markets
  • Make clear choices between market entry and sales channel options
  • Get introduced to the right partners and start relationships for the future
  • Set realistic expectations of what it takes to succeed

1. How it works - Path to Market

Path to Market bundles together private sector and NZTE expertise and guidance to help capable, proven businesses fast-track their entry into new markets. Path to Market programmes are run with groups of companies from the same sector or industry, all with an interest in entering the same market or region. This focus ensures the content covered in the programme is relevant to all those attending.

We work with you over a three-month period to deliver:

  • A workshop customised to your industry covering export training and advice. We cover topics like all the must-know details around market and regulatory changes.
  • An expert panel session - an assessment of your sales pitch by a panel. The panel provides feedback on your pitch and presentation; costing and manufacture; market entry strategy; evaluation of your product and packaging and promotional material.
  • An in-market visit – we tailor your in-market visit specifically to your sector. The visit may include attendance at a trade event, presentations from industry experts, introductions to key contacts and networking opportunities.

Finally, we run through a follow-up debrief reviewing your insights and agreeing on next steps.

Customer Story - Chia

Find out how Chia’s getting ready to go the distance in the Australian market, with help from NZTE’s Path to Market service.

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Am I eligible?

NZTE Build and Focus customers are eligible for this service.

How much is it?

Over the three-month period, there’s a cost of $1,250 + GST per person to attend and $2,000 + GST for two people from the same company. You’re also responsible for your travel costs to attend events in New Zealand and offshore.

Keen to find out more? Contact us for more information and to find out what upcoming Path to Market programmes there are.

The diversity and scale of consumer and business-to-business markets in China offer New Zealand businesses many opportunities for growth. China also presents many challenges. If your business has previous experience in China and you’re looking to develop your strategy based on deeper understanding of the market demand, market conditions and your own capabilities, then our Accelerate China programme might be what you’re looking for.

2. How it works - Accelerate China

Accelerate China is a multi-stage immersion programme of four parts, delivered across New Zealand and China.

Part 1: Half day preparation workshop to:

  • set objectives and focus for immersion. This includes what to test and what to validate in-market
  • understand, explore and articulate the market model for China
  • be fully briefed on the in-market immersion experience

Part 2: In-market visit

Six days in China where you are joined by our local team, our Beachheads advisors and in-market experts. You’ll gain a real understanding of both customer and market needs through:

  • research – facilitated in-home visits, store visits, and company visits
  • site visits including a tier 2 city
  • facilitated workshops
  • networking events
  • advisory sessions 

Part 3: Half day post-immersion workshop to:

  • share insights gained and key learnings
  • review your strategy and develop a plan
  • reflect on your time in-market

Part 4: On-going support

You’ll work with your customer manager and our China team to further develop and execute your market strategy.

Accelerate China VR Experience with NZTE

Experience Accelerate China through Virtual Reality

Download the app now:

  1. Install the free Wonda VR app onto your phone. Search for Wonda VR on the App Store for iPhone users or Google Play store for Android users.
    Wonda App icon
  2. Open the Wonda VR app and tap on LAUNCH EXPERIENCE via QR code button at the bottom of the screen. 
  3. Scan the experience QR code sticker located below these instructions. 
  4. On the experience home screen, tap the download icon at the top of the screen. Note: your device may prompt you to confirm the download. 
    download icon
  5. Once the download has completed successfully, select the viewing mode for your headset, either Gear VR (Android only) or Google cardboard (all devices).
    smartphone icon Cardboard 
    VR icon Gear VR
  6. Follow the instructions for fitting your phone into the headset. 
    Accelerate China VR Experience QR code
Customer Story - Whittaker's Chocolate

Hear how Whittaker’s fast-tracked their China strategy with help from NZTE and the Accelerate China programme.

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Am I eligible?

NZTE Build and Focus customers are eligible for this service. You need to have demonstrated commitment to China and at least six months experience in-market. You also need to have clear proof points around your production plans and capacity to supply the market. And you will need to commit your CEO or strategy leader and your Market Manager to the full service.

How much is it?

$5,000 + GST per company, excluding your flights. This covers two half-day preparation and post-immersion sessions, as well as up to six days in China.

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"Educational, informative and practical, [in-market immersion] gave us fantastic insight into what we thought we knew and what the reality is."

Murray Brackenridge, Mrs Higgins