Market Explore

There’s nothing quite like spending time in your target market to help you get to grips with how to position your business against the competition, and how to put your customer front and centre of what you do. 

We know how valuable in-market immersion is. The time and energy you put into understanding the market and your target customers has the ability to give you a strong competitive advantage, which is why we’ve designed the Market Explore programme to support you. 

What it is

We take groups of companies overseas so you can see what it takes to succeed and what else you need to do to be prepared. To get ahead in any market, you need a deep understanding of the business landscape and your target customers. 

How it helps your business

  • Gives you the opportunity to research, experience and truly understand your target market
  • You’ll hear from partners and buyers who are established in-market
  • Allows you to set realistic expectations of what it takes to succeed

How it works

  1. Explore the market
    Before leaving New Zealand, you should complete the Export Essentials programme or have a well-considered export plan for the market.
  2. Develop a go-to-market plan
    We’ll help you understand what you know about the market, and where your knowledge gaps are. Together we’ll identify what you should focus on while you’re visiting the country.
  3. Pre-departure briefing
    You’ll be fully briefed on the market immersion experience and have an opportunity to ask questions about how to best prepare for your visit.
  4. Market visit
    You will spend up to four days visiting the market with a group of New Zealand companies, where you are joined by our local team and network of experts on doing business in the country. You’ll gain a real understanding of both the customers’ and market needs through:
    • Store and company visits, site visits
    • Facilitated workshops and networking event
    • Debrief session with NZTE’s market-based Business Development Manager
  5. Ongoing support
    Your NZTE Customer Manager and market-based team will work with you to continue developing and executing your go-to-market plan.

Am I eligible?

Available to Foundation Build and Focus customers.

How much is it?

The service is 50% funded by NZTE. The cost to your business is between $1500 and $2500 + GST per person depending on the market. This price excludes flights and accommodation.