Market Finder

When identifying potential markets for your business you want to get it right, first time. We’ll help you navigate and understand the opportunities available, create a shortlist of promising markets, and narrow your focus. 

Find the best markets to explore with insights from an in-house researcher.

How it helps your business

The world is a big place and the international business environment is fast-changing. NZTE’s researcher can help you find the best markets to explore, so you don’t waste precious time.

  • At no cost, create a reliable shortlist of potential markets to explore.
  • Uncover market insights with an NZTE researcher.
  • Gain access to globally trusted data sources.

How it works

  1. Talk with your NZTE Customer Manager about the Market Finder service.
  2. Our researcher will contact you to set up a time for a 30 minute working session.
  3. During this session you’ll work with the researcher to create a shortlist of markets to target.
  4. You’ll receive a report with details for several markets so you can compare your options. We’ll include any relevant country sector profile reports and previous market research that’s relevant for your sector and market.
  5. Your Customer Manager will then work with you to plan your next steps towards market validation.

Am I eligible? 

This is a complimentary service for NZTE Foundation Build and F700 customers

Enquire about this service