Understand your market through market research

Market research is essential for the evolution and growth of your business. It helps you understand your competitive position in markets around the world, get clear on where to focus your effort and reduce your business risk.

Research helps you make evidence-based decisions - decisions that are based on more than just a 'gut feeling'. We work with you to design research to address your specific questions around discovering, entering or growing in international markets. Your questions might be as varied as comparing the size of a market across regions to figure out which to enter first, or getting clear on which channel strategy will work best for you. By investing in credible international databases and using our global network, we access and analyse information that can be costly or tricky for you to find.

Our market research service has helped Build and Focus customers put plans in place and work through challenges like:

  • Getting clear on prioritising which markets to target
  • Understanding who target consumers are and how to engage with them
  • Understanding the right channels to reach the customer
  • Getting to grips with the operational, legal and regulatory environments in target markets       
We can help:
  • Give you access to market intelligence you can’t get on your own
  • Give you greater understanding, insights and current market advice on opportunities you’re considering
  • Provide experienced experts to do the research, and in-market help from our global network
We work with you to:
  • Identify what market information you need
  • Develop a research plan to explore new insights and opportunities
  • Help turn insights or plans into action
Am I eligible?

NZTE Build and Focus customers are eligible for this service.

How it works

We work with you to develop a tailored brief for your research requirements. We then match you with the right NZTE research specialist who uses robust and reliable sources to explore and analyse information and gather fresh insights before presenting our findings. Together we help you plan the next steps to strengthen your export journey.

How much is it?

No charge for NZTE Build or Focus customers.

Ask about this service

"It's really allowed us to get much closer to fulfilling our ambition to be a global player - with lots more potential to be realised yet."

Peter Eastwood, Imake