Prioritise digital to transform your business

Digital is invading businesses today, like crowds invaded the pitch after a rugby match in the good old days. Digital transformation is first and foremost business transformation. And digital tools and technologies are just the enabler of this transformation.

Smart use of digital technology offers you great opportunities to connect with your customers, grow your online revenue or launch into a new market. But the digital landscape is changing every day. So figuring out how to move your business forward using the right technology, in the right markets can be tough.

Our prioritising digital service has helped customers work through challenges like:

  • When to make the big move to an enterprise system
  • How to get started with e-commerce in overseas markets
  • How to optimise websites for lead generation
  • Getting to grips with paid and organic search techniques
  • Creating a digital community
  • Developing a social media plan
  • How to plan digital marketing campaigns to achieve business objectives

Customer Story - Mojo Coffee

Find out how Mojo Coffee rose to the challenge and built a connected approach for global markets, with help from NZTE’s Digital Strategy service.

Watch the Mojo Coffee case study now.

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Am I eligible?

NZTE Focus customers are eligible for this service.

How it works

The first step, as it is with any journey, is to understand where you are currently. Our digital team work with you to identify your current challenges and opportunities.

Then, it’s time to get future focused. By asking questions like; what does success look like for your business and how do you think we might get there? We start to put together a roadmap to help transform your business.

Then we connect you to the right advisor to match your needs.

For this part of the service we use these good folk, our digital advisors, who have deep personal experience in the digital world. Their job is to make sense of what digital could mean for you and where to invest your time and money.

They work with you in workshops over 1-2 days and give an objective view of what you could be doing. Don’t worry, there’s no hidden agenda – they’re there to help you make informed decisions.

How much is it?

No charge for NZTE Focus customers.

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