Strengthen your business through strategy

A clear business strategy, that everyone in your business understands and can get behind, will help whether your business simply needs a tune up or is facing significant disruption.

This service has helped Focus customers put plans in place and work through challenges like:

  • How to fully realise the potential of a business
  • How to focus on what is of real importance to your customers
  • What opportunities the business should be saying yes to and on the flip side what should the business stop doing
  • Creating a future vision for a business which has gone through significant change like rapid growth or acquisition
  • Balancing working on ‘business as usual’ while keeping an eye on the future

We can help:

  • Offer a fresh perspective on your business
  • Ensure your strategy is focused and your board and team are aligned

  • Prioritise your time and money and support better decision-making

We work with you to:

  • Consider what’s possible in your business and explore options for growth
  • Identify bold new opportunities using insights and global thinking to build a strategic plan
  • Help turn insights or plans into action

Customer Story - Allan Scott Wines
Hear their story so far and find out how NZTE’s strategy service made a difference.

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Am I eligible?

NZTE Focus customers are eligible for this service.

How it works

We help you develop your strategy in a couple of ways.

Fresh thinking

You can start with a three to four-hour fresh thinking workshop with a New Zealand Beachhead advisor, who has deep experience running an international business. Your key decision makers should attend.

In the workshop it’s a chance to look at your whole business, possibly re-think your business-as-usual approach and define a set of actions to take your business forward. The workshop is tailored to suit your business so we make sure to match the advisor based on their skills and experience. It’s a great way to get an outside perspective on your business – hence the ‘fresh thinking’ name. While it won’t give you a strategy, it’s a great place to start as it will help you think about what’s important for the business to focus on.

How much is a fresh thinking workshop?

No charge for NZTE Focus customers.

Building your strategy

While you might choose to start with a fresh thinking workshop with an advisor, you don’t need to - you can go straight into building your strategy over the course of a couple of days with our strategy partner Inspiring Performance. Inspiring Performance have a tried and tested methodology based on sensible academic research, and led by facilitators who’ve worked with hundreds of businesses.

Our facilitators know what it takes to build a strategy that’s clear on the value you create (that’s why your customers buy from you and keep coming back), what you stand for, where to play and how to win.

Once you’ve invested the time to build your strategy, the next step is to embed it in your business – that is, make it real for everyone in the business. We work with you in one follow-on embed workshop, and through ongoing check-ins. The embedding workshop is typically run 3-4 weeks after your first session.

How much are the strategy workshops?

The three full day workshops cost $5,000 + GST per day. There is a 50 percent co-investment for approved NZTE Focus customers.

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"We challenged our assumptions and highlighted some opportunities ....coalescing.... into an agreed path for the growth of our business."

Amanda Johnson, Spy Valley Wines