Strategy to Action

We’ve tapped the expertise of global business advisors to help New Zealand companies build a strong plan for their business and achieve profitable and sustainable international growth.

What it is

We’re partnering with international business advisors KPMG to offer you coaching and group workshops to help build a plan for your business. Together you’ll use proven tools to benchmark your business, refine your strategy and develop a 90-day plan to action. 

We’ve seen the benefits of learning from peers, and the group workshops are also designed to help New Zealand companies learn from each other.

“This is not about theory – working with world class strategic advisors will give you a clear path to follow to achieve global growth”- Stephen Blair, Programme Manager NZTE.

How it helps your business

  • Create a clear vision and direction for the whole organisation to believe in, as well as suppliers, customers and investors.
  • Prioritise where to focus valuable resources.
  • Make decisions with confidence in an increasingly complex and competitive international business environment.
  • Tailor a step-by-step action plan for your business to achieve its goals for growth.

How it works

  1. Benchmark (2 hours)
    Your senior management team will assess the growth and readiness of your business, using a digital diagnostic tool. KPMG business advisors will analyse the results and use the findings to prepare you for the workshops.
  2. Pinpoint issues (half day)
    In this group workshop experienced business advisors will work with you to understand the challenges your business is trying to solve and help you develop a business strategy. 
  3. Build a 90-day plan (half day)
    This group workshop will give you the tools to critically review, refine and build a strategic plan and 90-day action plan for your business.
  4. Put it in action (2 hours)
    We will provide tailored 1-to-1 coaching about the best way to implement your 90-day plan.
  5. Looking ahead (ongoing)
    Once the groundwork is done, NZTE will help you evaluate your progress in putting the strategy into action and identify key next steps.

Am I eligible?

Available to NZTE Foundation Build and Focus customers. 

How much is it?

$1650 + GST per customer.  NZTE has provided a 50% co-investment for this service.

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