Our people

One Global Team

Te mea nui o te ao. The most important thing in the world.

People are the most important thing NZTE has to offer. Their knowledge, work ethic and passion are the ground we stand on.

Our Leadership team sets our strategy, working with our Investment and Customer teams to make things happen for New Zealand businesses, Māori entities, investors and business partners around the world. Some challenges require specialists, so we also maintain a network of private sector "Beachhead" advisors who can help businesses gain a foothold in tricky territory.

Of course, ka tika a muri, ka ora a mua: there are many more NZTE people working behind the scenes to support our customer-facing teams and keep our systems running smoothly.

Meet some of our people below.

Our people

Our Leadership team

Learn more about NZTE's Lead team, board of directors, cabinet ministers, regional directors and Māori leadership.

Our Customer team

Meet the team working directly alongside New Zealand businesses as they grow internationally.

Our Investment team

Meet the international team focussed on attracting investment that benefits New Zealand and on helping ambitious businesses to raise growth capital.

Our Beachhead advisors

Meet the global network of private sector advisors who can who can advise NZTE customers with specific needs or challenges.

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