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Forward thinking and innovation are not limited to any part of the world; but they flourish in the minds of Kiwis


- Time  Magazine

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How innovation helps Kiwi businesses succeed in Australia

20 August 2018

New Zealanders have a great history of innovation, and that approach is vital for business success in Australia.

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Heller's tips for success in the Aussie F&B market

18 July 2018

Hear from John McWhirter, the CEO of Hellers, about the steps the company took before entering the Australian market with their pre-cooked sausages.


Selling in-store still needs a great online pitch

10 July 2018

“You don’t have an online customer and an offline customer. You just have a customer.”

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Australia changes GST rules for 'low value' imported goods

02 July 2018

Australia’s Goods and Services Tax will, from 1 July 2018, be applied to imports of ‘low value imported goods’ (under A$1000) in certain circumstances. This is likely to have the most impact on New Zealand exporters.



Australia is New Zealand’s largest economic partner, purchasing NZ$13 billion in New Zealand goods and services in 12 months. 


Source: Statistics New Zealand (year to March 2017)

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