Food and beverage

New Zealanders are a good crop – we’re famous for our flat whites, kiwifruit and award-winning sauvignon blanc. We’ve got good taste, and you’re often the first to savour our world-class products.

We foster good ideas so we can create exciting new products for discerning consumers worldwide – and Australia is often our first stop.

Our high quality, good tasting food is sought after in more than 100 countries, including in the Pacific and Australia, our second largest export market.

With a strong reputation for innovation, we’ve attracted global attention – to date over 60 international firms have invested in our food and beverage manufacturing sector.

As a relatively young country, we still see new industries emerge and take on the world – in the past 20 years alone, New Zealand’s wine, honey, aquaculture and avocados have all grown from small beginnings into world leading sectors.

We are also the largest global exporter of dairy products, kiwifruit, lamb and venison, and a major exporter of beef, apples, seafood and wine.

Your region is important to us – we have a longstanding free trade agreement with Australia that creates more certainty and security for us to do business with each other.

Our game plan is to ensure that when you buy New Zealand’s premium food and beverages, you know exactly what you’re getting and how it’s made.

As a leader in food safety and traceability, we know how important it is for consumers to know the story of their food and its journey to the table.

You can have confidence that New Zealand is a haven for food as it should be fresh from pastures, sea and land.

  • Specialty food and beverage

    New Zealanders’ innovative spirit means we’re always bringing something fresh to the table – from entirely new categories and products, to creative twists on what we already offer.

    We combine the best ingredients with uniquely New Zealand expertise and creativity. We’re simply masters at getting the best out of natural foods.

    No doubt you’ve tried our honey – our manuka honey with its famous healing properties is highly sought after around the world. We’re also honing the distinctive flavours of native flowers rewarewa, kamahi and pohutukawa.

    Meanwhile, native herbs known to indigenous Māori for generations are finding new applications in condiments, delivering tastes you’ll find only from New Zealand.


  • Fresh produce

    Our climate provides ideal growing conditions for beautiful tasting produce, and our expertise takes it to new levels of freshness and quality.

    And thanks to New Zealand’s stringent biosecurity regulations, our orchards and farms are free of major pests and diseases, making us a top source for spray-free produce.

    Our GAP quality assurance programme provides a traceable system all the way from crop to customer, reducing the risk of health, safety and environmental issues.

    New Zealand knows how to get the best out of its natural foods, and has brought new and delicious kiwifruit and apple varieties to world markets, through the dedication and pioneering spirit of our growers.

    Our products are in high demand internationally, but we never forget the land and sea they come from. Sustainability is a focus across our food-related industries, and in some cases, New Zealand products will reach you with less total environmental impact than what you can source locally.

  • Wine

    New Zealand’s wine industry has shot from quiet beginnings to global recognition in a few short decades – thanks to wines that wow the world on a regular basis.

    Our wine industry may be one of the youngest in the world, but it’s also one of the fastest growing, with exports reaching $1.6 billion in the year to November 2016 – and expected to top $2 billion by 2020.

    Great wine stories start with the land. New Zealand offers young soils and a maritime climate with long sunshine hours – the essential elements for balanced, invigorating wines with a unique balance of acidity and flavour.

    Our wine industry blends tradition and innovation to perfection. It took a pioneer spirit for our winemakers to introduce sauvignon grapes to the Marlborough region’s stony soils, a masterstroke that’s since made New Zealand synonymous with premium Sauvignon Blanc.

    That same mix of traditional techniques and fresh thinking has also earnt us a worldwide following for our Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir.
    And the results are turning heads internationally. Over 80 percent of New Zealand wines entered in the 2017 Decanter World Wine Awards won a medal, including eleven Platinum medals and a coveted Platinum Best in Show award.

    New Zealand winegrowers tread lightly on the land, letting what’s good remain at its very best. 98 percent of our vineyard area is certified by Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand (SWNZ), a nationwide initiative for environmental responsibility in vineyards and wineries.

    Environmentally conscious, food-friendly wine with distinctive, great tasting fruit-driven flavours. We’ll drink to that.

  • Craft beer

    We’re unashamedly trading off our reputation for producing premium wine to offer consumers around the world our finest craft beer.

    Our full-flavoured artisan brews, powered by unique local hop varieties and Kiwi brewing expertise, are finding their way to lovers of fine beer in your region.

    Australians consumer more beer per capita than New Zealand, with a flourishing craft beer market worth $388 million a year, giving us Kiwis an opportunity to get crafty across the ditch.

    Our booming craft beer industry (New Zealand boasts 194 craft breweries) exports to 45 destinations, with Australia our largest market.

    We understand the complexities of Australia’s liquor laws, with each state and territory having variations which impact the types of sales channels our brewers need to go through.

  • Dairy

    We are the world’s top dairy exporter, with our exports accounting for one-third of all international dairy trade.

    New Zealand’s all-grass farming system and high standards for food safety and animal welfare ensure it remains a trusted global supplier of quality dairy products.

    Our diverse range of dairy exports spans more than 100 categories, from gourmet ice-cream and specialty cheeses to spray-dried milk proteins and infant formula produced from goat milk.

    We’re experts in agriculture production, with 130 years’ experience in producing high quality dairy exports.

  • Meat

    New Zealand has carved out a following around the world for its premium free-range, grass-fed meat.

    We’ve been exporting our meat to the world for over 130 years, and while beef and lamb are our most popular meat exports, we are also highly regarded for our veal, goat, poultry and venison.

    We have an almost exclusively free-range grass-fed production system, which produces tender, appetising and healthy meat for clients around the world.

    Our competitive advantages lie in the wealth of knowledge that we have built and used to improve our farming practices and meat processing.

    We know the importance of food traceability for consumers, and more of our farmers are now able to help us track our meat products from farm to plate.

    We’ve created new opportunities in this sector with the help of advances in chilling products to extend shelf life and transportability.

    We are also proudly recognised as disease free by the World Organisation for Animal Health. We have high standards for animal welfare and stringent biosecurity standards.