Specialised manufacturing

Our game plan is simple – we excel in niche markets, and we’re a dependable and trusted partner for large-scale manufacturing projects. Just like you, we value sustainability in our manufacturing processes.

New Zealand’s advanced manufacturing industry has a solid reputation for innovation, quality and scalability.
We know how to deliver large scale manufacturing projects, and our expertise cuts across many different sectors – from food production, mining, oil and gas, to infrastructure and ICT.

Our proven track record in specialised manufacturing gives you certainty in our processes, which are dependable and secure.

Of course, in being neighbours and as our largest economic partner, your success is important to us. We invest more in Australia than any other foreign country, with overseas direct investment of $12.2 billion.

New Zealand and Australia’s economic relationship is underpinned by the Australia and New Zealand Closer Economic Relations (CER) – recognised as the world’s most comprehensive, effective and mutually compatible free trade agreement.

Our countries have also committed to a process called the Single Economic Market (SEM) agenda, designed to create a seamless trans-Tasman business environment.

New Zealand’s relative size is what drives our resourcefulness and flexibility. Our skilled workforce and innovations in metal, plastics and composites makes us an ideal partner for any specialised manufacturing project.

At the same time, our workforce is cost competitive by developed country standards, meaning we can deliver a high-quality service or product cost effectively.

And underpinning it all, is our commitment to sustainability and ensuring that our manufacturing processes leave a small footprint – or none at all.

  • Food and beverage production

    New Zealand’s world-leading innovation in supply chain technology and food production is sought after around the world.

    We have earned a global reputation as a trusted supplier of quality ingredients to many of the world’s major global food and beverage companies.

    Our expertise in high-quality food production comes from decades of exporting the majority of food we produce – we understand all elements of the food production chain, making us ideal partners.

    New Zealand’s food and beverage sector invests in research, spending more than half a billion dollars on agri-food research alone from fruit genetics to nutraceuticals.

    You don’t have to look too far back to see how we have pioneered food and beverage production - we commercialised the kiwifruit and are the global export leader, we were the first to develop whole milk powders, and we brought goat infant formula to the world.

  • Dairy processing

    We are experts in agriculture production, with 130 years’ experience in producing high-quality dairy exports.

    As the world’s top dairy exporter, New Zealand’s exports account for one-third of all international dairy trade  and span more than 100 categories, from gourmet ice cream and specialty cheeses to spray-dried milk proteins and infant formula produced from goat milk.

    With such a large proportion of our dairy products exported, we have developed excellent processing, handling, storage and transport facilities.

    Our smart technologies maximise simplicity and functionality without compromising performance. They add value across the supply chain including production, logistics and marketing.

    New Zealand understands that food producers and supply chain managers are looking for more automation with better integration, while ensuring quality, consistency, food safety and traceability throughout their operations.

    New Zealand state owned enterprise AsureQuality plays a vital role in making sure the food its customers produce is safe for millions of people worldwide. Every day its team of 1700 experts, based at over 100 locations throughout Australasia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and China, provides independent food safety and biosecurity services to the food and primary production sectors in over 40 countries.

  • Infrastructure

    New Zealand’s specialised manufacturing sector is adept at delivering equipment and fabrication services for large scale infrastructure projects  as well as delivering such projects themselves, from energy, oil and gas, food and beverage manufacturing, dairy manufacturing, road and rail to social infrastructure, water and sewerage.
    Many of our largest deals over the past three years have been infrastructure projects across Australia and in the Pacific.

    We have many engineering, energy and ICT companies that can form strong partnerships in your region to help your companies deliver projects successfully.
    As you know, the pipeline of Australian construction projects alone is over $300 million, and our countries are working together to help better plan for resourcing these projects.
    The Australia and New Zealand Infrastructure Pipeline is a joint initiative between our governments to provide detailed information about what infrastructure activity will occur where – allowing the market to prepare the resources needed.