In New Zealand, we pride ourselves on our ideas – we’re ingenious and our technology and skills reflect this. Not only that, we’re an ideal testbed for new gizmos and gadgets.

New Zealanders have a reputation for innovation and creativity. We split the atom, invented the electric fence and beat the world to the top of Mt Everest. It’s no wonder then that technology is our fastest-growing sector. Our relatively small size gives us a unique advantage, allowing us to move quickly and purposefully to seize opportunities in a changing digital world.

That’s how we’ve gained global attention as early adopters and creators of new technologies that help to solve global challenges. Exports from our top 200 tech companies reached $6.8 billion in 2016 – up 13.5 percent on the previous year.

Our many world-class tech innovations span across industries, and we’ve built a solid base from which to export globally, with good connections to tech hubs in Asian and North American markets.

We offer the perfect environment to develop and test new ventures and technologies – and help get them off the ground. Being a small market makes us a cost-effective and efficient testbed, and tech giants including Amazon, Google and Facebook have all taken advantage of our speed-to-market.

Plus, we’re among the most transparent countries to do business with, and we’re ranked number one in the 2017 World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index.

  • Agritech

    From remote and rugged country stations to fertile valleys, our farms provide the perfect test bed for agritech innovations that are used around the world for all farming systems.

    We’re continually developing smart new technologies that enable us to produce the best milk, lamb, beef, venison and wool products in the world.

    We’ve become among the most self-reliant producers in the world, and we’re sharing our expertise to help farmers in your region reduce on-farm costs and make the most of their time, staff and capital.

    Don’t get us wrong – farming isn’t exactly a walk in the park where we come from. We’ve had to adapt quickly to stay in business in the face of high land, compliance and labour costs.

    We’ve looked for practical solutions to grow great businesses that can help all farmers know the true benefits of using the latest technology to give them confidence about what’s working on the farm, what’s not, and make necessary changes.

    That makes us the best partner you could have to get the most out of your farm.


  • Fintech

    When the world was wedded to cash, New Zealanders adopted EFTPOS in the early 1980s – and we haven’t looked back.

    Ever since we swapped notes for cards, New Zealand has played a key part in bringing new technologies to the world stage.

    Our appetite for new technology means we’re well placed to lead the Fintech revolution, helping consumers around the world to find better ways to access and manage their money.

    New Zealand is an ideal springboard for fintech products that are tested in our digitally literate market. You only need to look to Xero and Vend to understand how we’re leading the era of digital disruptors.

  • Healthtech

    New Zealand is attracting global attention for its advancements in innovative health technology.

    We’re recognised for our achievements in medical technology, with clever solutions that address global healthcare challenges. 

    We understand how smart technology is profoundly changing the way health is managed – and we’re at the forefront of the technology revolution.

    All developed nations are facing the challenge of increasing healthcare costs, and there’s a universal need to deliver more care at a lower cost. New Zealand’s innovative and efficient product solutions, and niche products, are well placed to provide practical, easy-to-use, and cost-effective solutions that improve clinical outcomes around the world.