New Zealand is rich in natural energy resources, and we’re harnessing our expertise in renewable energy to bring leading technology and innovation to your region. We have a long history of partnering with countries in East Asia, sharing our advancements in renewable energy.

Sunlight, wind, water and geothermal heat – renewable energy sources are in abundance where we come from.

But we don’t take this pool of resource for granted - we’re always thinking of new ways to harness our natural resources to generate renewable electricity, to ensure there is a sustainable long-term energy supply.

We’re proud to be pioneers and leaders in clean energy, with a long and strong history of generating energy from hydro and geothermal.

New Zealand’s electricity comes from 80 percent renewable resources and it won’t surprise you to learn our country is ranked third in the OECD for the percentage of our primary energy derived from renewable resources.

For the past 40 years we’ve shared our world-class expertise in renewable energy to help develop geothermal resources in international markets.

New Zealand helped develop the Philippines first geothermal fields in the 1970s, and a decade later helped Indonesia develop a geothermal power station.

In the past five years, through the New Zealand Aid Programme, our country has invested over $100 million in renewable energy projects across a range of countries, including in South East Asia.

We’re at the forefront of developing technologies that harness renewable materials and reduce emissions and waste – and taking these to the world.

  • Geothermal

    Given New Zealand’s geological DNA, it’s little surprise we’re a world leader in geothermal energy.

    We pioneered geothermal generation in the 1950s and are now the fourth largest generator of geothermal power in the world (geothermal generates 22 percent of New Zealand’s energy supply).

    With decades of experience harnessing geothermal energy behind us, we’ve built an outstanding reputation for our geothermal expertise around the world.

    There are over 70 New Zealand companies with geothermal expertise from regulation, permitting, exploration and drilling through to design, project management, construction and operation, management and maintenance and environment monitoring.

    There are few geothermal developments in the world where our expertise has not played some part, either through the provision of these services, or through education and training of country partners.

    In the past five years, through the New Zealand Aid Programme, our country has invested over $100 million in renewable energy projects across a range of countries, including in South East Asia.

    Just last year, we committed to investing $22 million in Indonesia’s geothermal energy sector over a five-year period. The investment will go towards boosting capacity, building, training, and allowing access to geothermal energy in Maluku, Eastern Indonesia.

    In the private sector, New Zealand companies have provided their expertise for geothermal projects including Indonesia’s Wayang Windu Geothermal Project and Kamojang Geothermal Expansion Project, and the Philippines geothermal power plants refurbishment programme.

    New Zealand also has an important relationship with Japan, and the two countries have committed to work together as leaders in clean energy. Japanese companies were involved in the earlier development of New Zealand’s geothermal sector, and we are well placed to help Japan reduce its reliance on fossil fuel.

  • Hydro

    New Zealand is at the forefront of hydro power globally, leading the way through innovation in new practices and a sustainable approach to the environment.

    More than half our electricity supply comes from hydro power schemes , and hydroelectric dams are a well-known feature of our landscape.

    We partner with countries to provide expertise and advanced technology – our engineering expertise has been tapped through consulting companies winning contracts to work on hydro projects in Indonesia.

    From New Zealand, we provide technical training to support skill development for plant, operations and maintenance in South East Asia through some of our private companies and technical institutes. Our expertise has been shared widely, including with the Energy Development Corporation in the Philippines.


  • Solar

    The sun is an abundant energy resource that’s renewable day after day.

    Our good sunshine hours mean solar works across the country, and the number of New Zealand households installing solar panels that convert sunlight into electricity is increasing.

    We have world-class expertise in solar energy, with a focus on ongoing research and development and a proven track record in developing new technologies.

    New Zealand company Power Technology ASEAN specialises in solar and battery power, supplying solar power solutions to remote off-the-grid locations in South East Asia, including the city of Makassar in Indonesia, and the Pacific Islands.

  • Wind

    We’re a two-island nation with one of the most consistent wind energy resources in the world – and we’ve applied our expertise in renewable energy technology to harness this.

    Our 19 wind farms generate just five percent of the country’s electricity supply, but they are significantly more productive than international averages.

    New Zealand has a number of companies that offer their expertise and technology on installing and modelling wind farms.

    One company, Meridian Energy, even built the world’s southernmost wind farm in Antarctica, where three wind turbines supply renewable energy for NZ’s Scott Base and its neighbouring American base at McMurdo Station.