New Zealand is proud to deliver our premium wine, dairy, meat, seafood and produce to discerning consumers across Europe. 

When you buy premium New Zealand wine and food, you know exactly what you are getting and how it is made.

As a world leader in food safety and product traceability, we know how important it is for consumers to know the story of their food and its journey to the table. New Zealand ranks 11th out of 113 countries for food security.

Half of New Zealand’s total food production is exported to over 100 countries, including the UK - our sixth largest export market.

New Zealand is known for our pristine landscapes. It is this natural environment which gives us an added advantage when it comes to producing sustainable, seasonal foods. 

We are the largest global exporter of dairy products, kiwifruit, lamb and venison, and a major exporter of beef, apples, seafood and wine. We eagerly foster innovation to create exciting new products for markets around the world.



New Zealand Food and Beverage

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  • Wine

    New Zealand has earned a global reputation as an award-winning wine producing country.

    Great wine stories start with the land, and New Zealand offers young soils, dramatic landscapes, and a maritime climate with long sunshine hours and nightly sea breezes – the essential elements for balanced, invigorating wines with a unique balance of acidity and flavour.

    Our wine industry is one of the fastest-growing in the world, with exports reaching NZ$1.6 billion in the year to November 2016  - and expected to top NZ$2 billion by 2020.

    The can-do attitude of our pioneering winemakers and growers drives our innovative, world-class industry.

    We consistently produce award-winning, premium wines that fetch high international prices on par with traditional European wine-producing countries. Over 80 percent of New Zealand wines entered in this year’s Decanter World Wine Awards won a medal, including eleven Platinum medals and a coveted Platinum Best in Show award. 

    Each of our distinctive winegrowing regions have unique soils and climatic conditions that are expressed in the wines produced.

    We are best known for our Sauvignon Blanc which accounts for the majority of our wine exports. New Zealand Pinot Noir also has a strong reputation, and is now our second largest varietal by export volume. Chardonnay, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon all remain important signature varietals for particular regions. 

  • Craft beer

    New Zealand has a burgeoning craft beer industry, with 194 craft breweries exporting to 45 destinations - including the UK where beer lovers are enjoying our artisan brews.

    We unashamedly trade off our reputation for producing premium wine to offer consumers around the world our finest craft beer.

    Our full-flavoured brews are powered by unique local hop varieties and Kiwi brewing expertise.

    To make it easier for UK distributors to access New Zealand’s top brews, some of our leading craft beer companies are working together to provide a portfolio of beer brands and regular supply. We call this the New Zealand Craft Beer Collective.

  • Dairy

    New Zealand is the world’s top dairy exporter - our exports account for one-third of all international dairy trade.

    Our all-grass farming system and high standards for food safety and animal welfare ensure we remain a trusted global supplier of quality dairy products.
    New Zealand’s diverse range of dairy exports spans more than 100 categories, from gourmet ice cream and specialty cheeses to spray-dried milk proteins and infant formula produced from goat milk.

    We are experts in agriculture production, with 130 years’ experience in producing high-quality dairy exports.

  • Meat

    New Zealand has been exporting our meat to the world for over 130 years , and while beef and lamb are our most popular meat exports, we are also highly regarded for our veal, goat, poultry and venison.

    We are carving out a following around the world for our premium free-range, grass-fed meat - our deer industry is working together to sell New Zealand’s premium venison to Europe, which is our deer farmers’ largest export market.

    New Zealand has created new opportunities in the meat sector with the help of advances in chilling products to extend shelf life and transportability. This ensures you have access to our fresh meat.

    New Zealand has an almost exclusively free-range grass-fed production system, which produces tender, appetising and healthy meat for consumers worldwide.
    We know the importance of food traceability for consumers, and more of our farmers are now able to help us track our meat products from farm to plate.

    We are also proudly recognised as disease free by the World Organisation for Animal Health. New Zealand has high standards for animal welfare and stringent biosecurity standards.