We believe that New Zealand is good for the world.

New Zealand is a modern nation built on the integrity of our people, forging our own independent way in the world. We’re committed to the guardianship of our environment, for the future, on behalf of those who came before us. And we’re also a country built on ingenuity, poised to disrupt big paradigms from the edge of the world.

NZTE is the New Zealand government’s international trade promotion and business development agency. We have a single purpose: growing companies internationally, bigger, better and faster, for the benefit of New Zealand.

What we do

We provide customised services and support to ambitious businesses looking to go global. We help them build their capability, boost their global reach, connect to other businesses and invest in their growth.  

We also connect international investors with opportunities in New Zealand, through a global network of investment advisors.

Our know-how & know-who

We employ 600 people, have over 200 private sector partners and draw on a global network of thousands more. We have people based in 50 offices, working across 24 time zones and 40 languages in over 100 countries.

Our global presence lets us deliver unique value to businesses, through our know-how and know-who.

Our know-how is our collective insight, wisdom and experience of growing companies internationally for over 50 years. Our know-who includes a network of committed people in New Zealand and in markets around the world.

Our know-how and know-who are expressed in our Māori name: Te Taurapa Tūhono. Te Taurapa is the stern post of a traditional Māori waka (canoe), which records valuable knowledge, and stabilises and guides the craft forward. Tūhono represents connections to people and an ability to build relationships.