High-value manufacturing

New Zealand's manufacturing industry has earned a reputation for being flexible, resilient, adaptable and entrepreneurial.

Key areas of strength and opportunity include the aviation, energy, healthcare, marine, security, industrial equipment, and food, beverage and bio-processing technology sectors.

A well-educated, skilled workforce

New Zealand’s knowledge-intensive, high-value manufacturing sector uses the country’s skilled and experienced workforce to transform products and processes.

With a culture of creative self-sufficiency and resilience, the New Zealand workforce is known for original thinking with a fresh perspective that animates research and development processes and leads to the design of clever, pragmatic innovations.

Collaborative research and development environment

Collaboration between research institutes, universities and the private sector is a significant feature of the New Zealand economy, leading to user-focused products and processes.

There is a range of research-focused organisations of direct relevance to high-value manufacturing and services. These include Callaghan Innovation, eight universities and seven Crown Research Institutes (CRIs).

Government support for science and innovation

The New Zealand Government actively supports the development and commercialisation of technology and innovation.

It also recognises collaborative research as a critical driver for business growth. For example, under the 2016 Research and Development Growth Grants scheme, Callaghan Innovation has awarded grants worth $18.5 million over three years to 23 high-tech companies across a range of sectors.

The Government has also committed funding to increase the number of engineering graduates and invested $35million in Entrepreneurship Universities.