Food and beverage

When you buy New Zealand’s premium food and beverages, you know exactly what you’re getting and how it’s made.

As a leader in food safety and product traceability, we know how important it is for consumers to know the story of their food and its journey to the table.
We export more than half of our total food production, and our high quality, good tasting food is sought after in more than 100 countries, including in the Gulf Region where our food and beverage trade is bolstered by our close economic ties.

We’re famous for the pristine beauty of our landscapes, and our natural environment gives us an added advantage when it comes to producing sustainable, seasonal foods.

To name a few, we are the largest global exporter of dairy products, kiwifruit, lamb and venison, and a major exporter of beef, apples, seafood and wine.

It’s not just our location that matters – we foster innovation so we can create exciting new products for markets around the world.

  • Dairy

    We are the world’s top dairy exporter, with our exports accounting for one-third of all international dairy trade.

    New Zealand’s all-grass farming system and high standards for food safety and animal welfare ensure it remains a trusted global supplier of quality dairy products.

    Our diverse range of dairy exports spans more than 100 categories, from gourmet ice-cream and specialty cheeses to spray-dried milk proteins and infant formula produced from goat milk.

    New Zealand companies developed the world’s first commercialised infant formula from goat milk , and our biggest dairy company Fonterra exports to 13 Asian and middle Eastern countries.

  • Meat

    New Zealand has carved out a following around the world for its premium free-range, grass-fed meat.

    We’ve been exporting our meat to the world for over 130 years , and while beef and lamb are our most popular meat exports, we are also highly regarded for our veal, goat, poultry and venison. 

    We have an almost exclusively free-range grass-fed production system, which produces tender, appetising and healthy meat for clients around the world.

    Our competitive advantages lie in the wealth of knowledge that we have built and used to improve our farming practices and meat processing.

    We know the importance of food traceability for consumers, and more of our farmers are now able to help us track our meat products from farm to plate.

    One of New Zealand’s largest exporters, ANZCO Foods, delivers meat to over 80 countries including the Middle East and Africa.

    The company procures, processes and markets New Zealand beef and lamb, and ensures traceability from farmers pastures to your plate.

  • Specialty food and beverages

    New Zealanders’ innovative spirit means we’re masters at getting the best out of natural foods, and turning them into the best-tasting chocolate, peanut butter and cereals – to name a few.

    We’re always bringing something fresh to the table – from entirely new categories and products, to creative twists on what we already offer.

    We use the best ingredients, combined with our expertise, to bring you products that tick the box for healthy living.

    No doubt you’ve tried our honey products – our Manuka honey with its famous healing properties is highly sought after around the world and we’re harnessing the healing properties to satisfy demand for natural health supplements.

  • Fresh produce

    Our climate provides ideal growing conditions for beautiful tasting produce, and our expertise takes it to new levels of freshness and quality.

    And thanks to New Zealand’s stringent biosecurity regulations, our orchards and farms are free of major pests and diseases, making us a top source for spray-free produce.

    We have a quality assurance programme provides a traceable system all the way from crop to customer, reducing the risk of health, safety and environmental issues.

    New Zealand knows how to get the best out of its natural foods, and has brought new and delicious kiwifruit and apple varieties to world markets, through the dedication and pioneering spirit of our growers.

    Although New Zealand’s apple and kiwifruit exports account for almost three-quarters of our fresh produce exports,  we are also known for our avocados, blueberries and cherries.

    Our products are in high demand internationally, but we never forget the land and sea they come from.

    Sustainability is a focus across our food-related industries, and in some cases, New Zealand products will reach you with less total environmental impact than what you can source locally.