Specialised manufacturing

New Zealand’s advanced manufacturing industry has a solid reputation for innovation, quality and scalability.

We know how to deliver large scale manufacturing projects, and our expertise cuts across many different sectors – from mining, oil and gas, to infrastructure and ICT.

Our proven track record in specialised manufacturing gives you certainty in our processes, which are dependable and secure.
Together our countries have a mutually beneficial business relationship, and the GCC is New Zealand’s eighth largest trading partner  - we have significant economic and trading interests in the Middle East.

We’ve concluded a Free Trade Agreement with the GCC, which once it is in force, will bring potential benefits including more investment between our countries, and better market access for New Zealand businesses in the Gulf region.

New Zealand’s relative size is what drives our resourcefulness and flexibility. Our skilled workforce and innovations in metal, plastics and composites makes us an ideal partner for any specialised manufacturing project.

At the same time, our workforce is cost competitive by developed country standards, meaning we can deliver a high-quality service or product cost effectively.

Underpinning it all, is our commitment to sustainability and ensuring that our manufacturing processes leave the smallest possible footprint.