New Zealand has the latest on-farm technology to help farmers work smarter, not harder – and clock off before sundown.

Our Agritech experts are partnering with farmers in the United States to reduce their on-farm costs and make the most of their time, staff and capital.

We are continually developing smart new technologies that enable us to produce some of the best lamb, beef, milk, venison and wool products in the world.

From remote and rugged country stations to fertile valleys, our farms provide the perfect test bed for agritech innovations that are used around the world for all farming systems – both indoors and out.

Real-life challenges have driven us to find new, more efficient ways of working on the farm. We have had to adapt quickly to stay in business in the face of high land, compliance and labour costs.

We have looked for practical solutions to grow great businesses that can help all farmers know the true benefits of using the latest technology to give them confidence about what’s working on the farm, what’s not, and make necessary changes.

That makes us the best partner you could have to get the most out of your farm.

Meet our impressive delegation of dairy solution providers at this year's World Dairy Expo in Wisconsin.
  • Farm management systems

    We are helping farmers around the world intensify their operations and set up automation, whether they are farming indoors or out.

    New Zealand agritech can improve efficiency across all farming systems – we understand the needs of Total Mixed Ration and Mixed Ration farming systems and our technology is made to be used by both.

    Reproductive heat detection systems and herd improvement software, to dairy automation equipment, electronic milk meters, and specialised farm management software are used by farmers worldwide.

    Waikato Milking Systems is among leading New Zealand companies doing business in the United States and around the world. The company designs and manufactures dairy technology, which can withstand the demands of 24/7 operations and is exported to over 20 countries. Its subsidiary Waikato Milking Systems USA is based in the dairy farming state of Wisconsin.

    We also are home to Gallagher, the company that invented the electric fence. Its technology and farm equipment is used around the world – such as its sheep auto drafter, which weighs animals as it drafts, and recently won a national agritech innovation award.

  • On farm technology

    New Zealand happily shares our world-class technology toolbox for farmers around the world.

    Our agritech companies have developed a range of practical tools to help with decision-making and farm management to ensure the highest levels of soil health, animal health and environmental health.

    To name a few – Gallagher provides animal management systems from health and performance to electronic fencing,  Outpost Central provides smart water metering systems, and Te Pari has won national awards for its smart drench gun.

    New Zealand even scooped the global 2016 Precision Farmer of the Year award. Canterbury farmer Craig Mackenzie won the award for his work to advance precision agriculture. His company Agri-Optics provides precision ag tools and services with a focus on field sensing and special data  to maximise nutrient and irrigation efficiency to improve farm sustainability.