In New Zealand, we pride ourselves on our ideas – we are ingenious and our technology and skills reflect this. Not only that, we are an ideal testbed for new technologies.

New Zealanders have a reputation for innovation and creativity. We split the atom, invented the electric fence and our very own Sir Edmund Hillary was the first to conquer Mt Everest.

It is no wonder then, that technology is our fastest-growing sector. New Zealand moves quickly and purposefully to seize opportunities in a changing digital world.

That is how we have gained attention as early adopters and creators of new technology solutions that help solve global challenges. Exports from our top 200 tech companies reached $6.8 billion in 2016 – up 13.5 percent on the previous year.

New Zealand’s many world-class tech innovations span across industries. We have built a solid base from which to export globally, with good connections into tech hubs in North American and Asian markets. 

We offer the perfect environment to develop and test new ventures and technologies – and help get them off the ground. New Zealand is a cost-effective and efficient testbed and tech giants including Amazon, Google and Facebook have all taken advantage of our speed-to-market.

New Zealand is among the most transparent countries to do business with, and we are ranked number one in the 2017 World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index .

  • Software as a service

    Our appetite for new technology means we are well placed to help companies globally find better ways to improve their customers’ experience.

    New Zealand is an ideal springboard for software products that are tested in our digitally literate market. You only need to look to Xero and Vend  to understand how we’re leading the era of digital disruptors – these two companies signed a global partnership to accelerate product innovation and customer growth.

    Vend provides cloud based point of sale inventory and customer loyalty software that makes it easy for retailers to set up and run any size of business. Its software is used in over 140 countries, and its customers include retail giants Kukri, Disney and Etsy.

    Xero is the global leading provider of online accounting software that connects small businesses to their advisors and other services. Its software is used in over 180 countries including in the US where it has five offices.

  • Digital innovation

    New Zealand is an internationally acclaimed hub of digital innovation, with our expertise in visual effects, AR, VR and image processing sought out by clients around the world.

    We’re home to the cinematic reality company Weta Workshop, which has worked on many blockbusters including the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Avatar.

    We understand how virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) has the potential to be used in different sectors, impacting everything from advertising and media to tourism, education, architecture, medicine and real estate.

    New Zealand is fostering its digital innovation experience, and we have a number of companies whose ground-breaking technology is sought after worldwide – including 8i, which has studios in New Zealand and the US, and has created a trademarked Holographic Virtual Reality that wraps the action around the viewer.

    Meanwhile, New Zealand company Animation Research covers sports events all over the world, ranging from yachting to golf and F1 racing. Its Virtual Eye technology is a leader in the provision of 3D TV graphics, and won an Emmy for its America’s Cup app.


  • Healthtech

    All developed nations are facing the challenge of increasing healthcare costs, and there is a universal need to deliver more care at a lower cost.

    New Zealand’s innovative and efficient product solutions, and niche products, are well-placed to provide practical, easy-to-use, and cost-effective solutions that improve clinical outcomes around the world.

    New Zealand is attracting global attention for its advancements in innovative health technology, particularly in health records solutions, clinical management for hospitals and clinical management systems for GPs.

    We are recognised for our achievements in medical technology, with clever solutions that address global healthcare challenges. Among these is software developed by New Zealand company Volpara Health Technologies – its technology has been used to scan an estimated 98 million women for breast density, an important risk factor in breast cancer.

    We understand how smart technology is profoundly changing the way health is managed – and we are at the forefront of the technology revolution. New Zealand company ARANZ Medical is a specialist in 3D scanning and informatics solutions for skin and wound assessment, and its technology is being used in over 35 countries – including a number of hospitals in the US.